THIS WEEKEND! Four Special *MIKIE* Events

Mail ballots start going out to voters in NINE DAYS. That means the first votes in the crucial MIDTERM ELECTIONS will start to be cast in less than TWO WEEKS.

The need for volunteer
help RIGHT NOW is
Mikie's team needs

Abortion rights, climate change, and the survival of democracy depend on the results of the midterm elections ... in less than two months. 

Please join us in canvassing for Mikie Sherrill this weekend! We've got options in Boonton (Sunday at noon) and in Livingston (Saturday at 9am, noon, and 3pm). Here are the deets:


RSVP here to sign up and for the exact address in Boonton.

RSVP here to sign up and for the exact address in Livingston.


We can’t wait to see you!



Less Than 2 Months for YOU to Take Action!

Yesterday marked TWO MONTHS before the midterms.

You know, the MIDTERMSthe federal elections halfway through Joe Biden’s presidency that will decide which political party holds sway over the House of Representatives and the Senate for the next two years, and hence whether President Biden can accomplish anything at all, ever again, and hence whether we hand the presidency right back to the red-hats in 2024 or not. 

The elections that will decide pretty much everything

  • Whether women have the right to make decisions about their own bodies.
  • Whether we take action on climate change before our entire world is a big game of Floor Is Lava.
  • Whether the experiment of democracy earns the right to continue long enough for us to build some more secure safeguards around it.


Pretty much THIS.


On an electoral level, nothing could possibly be more important than these midterm elections. Everything hangs in the balance.

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NEWSLETTER — Less than 4 WEEKS till voting starts!?!

We’ll get straight to the point this week: Things are about to get urgent for our midterm congressional races.

You think we’ve got till November 8 (Election Day) to persuade voters?



In TWENTY-TWO DAYS, County Clerks in New Jersey are going to start mailing ballots out to voters who have requested them.

(If you haven’t requested
yours yet, it’s not too late!
Click here to get started.)

And once voters have their ballots, they are going to start VOTING!

You know what that means. We have less than four weeks to reach them!

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NJ Makes National News (and so can you!)

Like everyone involved in political communications, we’re pretty much just spending the next few days worshiping at the altar of 25-year-old Megan Coyne. And unlike everyone else, here in CD-11 we get to claim her as our own!


"So, does that mean I get some NJ 11th for Change swag?"


Who is Megan Coyne, you ask? She’s the bane of the GOP’s existence, the current enfant terrible of Washington, D.C., and (until recently) the bad-ass superstar of the notoriously snarky @NJGov Twitter account!


LOCAL GIRL MAKES GOOD, says the New York Times.

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