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There are two kinds of states: those that do their best to support their citizens’ right to vote … and those that do their worst to suppress that right.


And New Jersey. Ah, New Jersey. We’re one of the states that supports the right of citizens to vote, right?


Not always.

Not right now. 

Right now, NJ is wrestling with the idea of same-day voter registration: allowing citizens who want to vote, and who are legally entitled to vote, to register on Election Day at their polling place. Legislation that proposes this access-positive policy — A1966/S247 — has been stalled in Trenton for over a year.

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RALLY THIS SUNDAY -- Roe's 50th Anniversary, or Roe's Memorial?



This Sunday marks a bittersweet anniversary: fifty years since the Supreme Court’s Roe v Wade decision.




As unfathomable as it is that we have fewer rights today than we did fifty years ago, we are just as strong, just as motivated, and just as determined as our pro-choice predecessors were in 1973!  

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Hello, Allies and Supporters!!

Today is Giving Tuesday! Will you donate to NJ 11th for Change?

In this year's crucial midterm elections, our volunteers made over 200,000 voter contacts: sending out postcards and vote-by-mail letters, vote-chasing, text banking, phone banking, canvassing, and more. We were genuinely shocked and amazed when we did the final tally: it's our organization's biggest year-end total ever.

And it paid off: Mikie Sherrill won with a 17-point margin — a landslide victory!



 A 17-point margin of victory? We mean... who does that??


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Look What **You** Did! ELECTION SUMMARY

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The prognosticators and the post-election pundits sure are keeping busy with this one! Two weeks past Election Day, and we know — thank goodness! — that the much-feared nationwide Red Wave was more like the sloshings of a half-empty pitcher of spiked Kool-Aid.




New Jersey’s own elections were finally certified last Friday. But nationwide, many other Midterm 2022 questions remain unanswered. We still don’t know what margins we’ll be working with in the House of Representatives (four races are still pending), and there’s a major run-off election to be had in the Senate. (C’mon, Georgia! Next election, get it right the first time!)


 The Walker/Warnock run-off in Georgia will be anything but a coin-toss (Walker’s favorite method of making big life decisions).


And the biggest unknown of all:

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