The Time to Act is NOW... HERE'S HOW!

How Many Days Until

Nov 2 (Election Day)?

54 Days


We've got less than 2 months until Election Day — when everything in Trenton could be turned completely upside-down.

Anti-vax and anti-mask agitators are working hard, town by town in Board of Education and Town Council meetings, to rile people up against Governor Phil Murphy. And it's working! 

Just a regular candidate trying to take over the Butler NJ Board of Education and motivate every anti-mask zealot in town to vote against Murphy.

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NEWSLETTER 9/3 — THIS IS NOT FINE! (& What YOU Can Do About It)

How Many Days Until

Election Day 2021?

60 Days


End of summer is supposed to be a peaceful time. A time for regathering ourselves, for getting ready. Not a time for worry, fear and rage!

So, 2021, what on earth is going on?

This past month, things have seemed more chaotic and contentious than ever (and let’s face it, after the past 5 years, our bar for ‘chaotic’ and ‘contentious’ has gotten pretty high). 

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Newsletter 8-25-21

Ready for our next Defending Democracy Zoom event?

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Historically speaking, New Jersey is a political snake pit. Redistricting — a process required every 10 years, after the census is completed — can either make our government more fair and representative, or it can strengthen existing politicos' death grip on power.
Which will it be this time? How will this year's ongoing redistricting affect YOUR representation in Trenton and in D.C.? Most importantly...
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NEWSLETTER 8/18 — Volunteer Opportunities Up the Wazoo! + special event sneak peeks

How many days until 
Election Day (Nov 2, 2021)?

75 Days!



Last newsletter, we shared with you our powerhouse list of NJ 11th for Change endorsed candidates. They impressed us then, and as we see them pounding the pavement to meet potential voters, they impress us even more! 

T.C. McCourt, out canvassing for Morris County Commissioner.
NJ 11th for Change proudly endorsed this entire slate.


But candidates can't do it alone! They need support from volunteers like US. NJ 11th for Change has encouraged all of our endorsed candidates — from all corners of the 11th Congressional District — to share their campaigns' volunteer opportunities with us. We've got a nice array this week, and there will be more to come each week, from now until Election Day! If you miss canvassing, or phone banking, or text banking ... NOW IS THE TIME! Please check below in the EVENTS & VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES section of this newsletter, and in upcoming editions. Every week, we promise there will be new options, and more and more candidates you can support.

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