Baseball, Buffy & Busting Our Butts in the FINAL DAYS Before the Election!

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How Many Days Until
Election Day (Nov 8):





Our country is on the brink. 

You know it, we know it, THEY know it … everyone knows it.

The election on Tuesday determines who holds power in Congress for the next two years, which — given the way the Far Right plays things – could mean the White House too, and the Supreme Court, and the states.

And it could mean forever.



So when our favorite candidates urge us to 

what they really mean is


We’ve got four days left, and we can’t afford to lose a single winnable seat.

Here at  NJ 11th for Change, we know that everyone is worn to the bone from worry, from the feelings of futility, from the constant (and intentional!) barrage of right-wing horrors:

  • Armed vigilantes staking out ballot drop boxes.
  • A 10-year-old incest victim denied an abortion.
  • A hammer attack on an 82-year-old man.
  • A violent insurrection at the Capitol.  
  • The N-word all over Twitter. 
  • Book banning in schools.

It’s enough to make anyone feel exhausted and overloaded …


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OH NO! Republicans on the Rise in CD11!

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How Many Days Until Early
In-Person Voting Begins
(Oct 29–Nov 6):

How Many Days Until
Election Day (Nov 8):




(Clues and answer in the "Events & Volunteer Opportunities" section below! Can you guess before the big reveal?)


So, here you are, thinking, “Oh, that Mikie. She’s so relatable, she’s so smart, she’s pretty darn crackerjack. She’s got this all wrapped up, really. I can sit back and watch the rest of Netflix this week, read my Heather Cox Richardson and watch my Rachel Maddow, shake my head and call it a day. Mikie’s a shoo-in.”

And then you watch the League of Women Voters debate from Tuesday night, and you realize exactly what’s at stake, and how much we stand to lose, and how many angry under-the-radar MAGA voters there are — in our electoral districts, in the fancier town next door, in our very own neighborhoods — who are incredibly motivated to get out there and vote … against Mikie. 

A recording of the entire debate can be viewed here.


Now, we won’t say it wasn’t fun to go to a real live Congressional debate. Those of us who signed up for tickets before they ran out were excited and enthused and ready for a feel-good evening!

But that LWV debate was a real eye-opener. There were a LOT of people in the audience cheering on DeGroot — and DeGroot’s mouthpiece, a faux-candidate faux-Libertarian MAGA police captain named Joe Biasco — as they took turns taking potshots at Mikie. 

These people jeered noisily at Mikie’s reference to January 6 as an insurrection, and they cheered Biasco on with post-debate back-slaps after his culture-war closing remarks, packed with bigotry, and wrapping up like this:

“Together we will mark this November: It’s the beginning of the end, for this woke mob, Antifa, the Bidens, and the globalists. We are the silent majority, but we will not go silently into the night — and we will take our country back.”

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You Know It's Bad If We're Quoting Teddy Roosevelt

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How Many Days Until Early
In-Person Voting Begins
(Oct 29–Nov 6):

How Many Days Until
Election Day (Nov 8):



Election Day is in two and a half weeks — and it’s no exaggeration to say that everything hangs on the results of this midterm election. 

  • If Congress breaks BLUE: Biden promises to codify Roe if the Dems keep — and improve — their margin.
    If Congress breaks RED: the GOP promises to push for a nationwide abortion ban.

  • If Congress breaks BLUE: the Dems will continue to support Social Security and Medicare — long-standing economic safety-net programs that we’ve contributed to our entire working lives.
    If Congress breaks RED: small-government extremists want to recast these programs so they’re subject to revocation every five years, leaving tens of millions of people in poverty, without the financial support they spent their working lives chipping in for.

  • If Congress breaks BLUE: Congress will protect voting rights, voter access, and election integrity nationwide.
    If Congress breaks RED: Congress will turn our elections into a mockery of democracy.

  • If Congress breaks BLUE: our investment in a green economy — and the prospect of a habitable planet — will have a fighting chance.
    If Congress breaks RED: our future and our children’s future will be sold off to the highest Big Oil bidder, with Elon Musk, Zuck, and Jeff Bezos smirking down on us all from orbit.  

Perhaps we are exaggerating a little.


All this — and yet so many of our friends and neighbors aren’t paying attention to this election.

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Join Our Final Big Push for Mikie!

Please join us — and Mikie! — to canvass this Saturday at 9:00 am in Parsippany. Register here for the exact address.

The game is on.

  • New Jersey voters who requested mail ballots for the midterm elections are already returning them to the Board of Elections; over 100,000 votes have already been cast.
  • In 15 days, early in-person voting will begin, at centralized voting centers in each NJ county.
  • And in 25 days, Election Day will arrive: the last chance for voters to make their voices heard for the 2022 midterms.
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