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August is just beginning — but DANG! Already, what a month!

The Biden administration is posting spectacular numbers related to the U.S. economy — concrete, quantifiable achievements, including the lowest unemployment rate in fifty years (3.5%), 528,000 new jobs just in July, and the lowest percentage of uninsured people ever (8%).

Congress wrestled problem-child Dem Senators Manchin and Sinema into passing the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, a landmark piece of legislation that will have a major impact on the national economy, healthcare affordability, and the course of climate change. It will affect millions of Americans in important and positive ways, which — if we message it correctly — will help build our chances for success in the November elections.


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Kansas is PROOF!

We wish we could say “it was all just a dream” — the Alito leak, the Dobbs decision, the trigger laws, the Ohio ten-year-old, the whole lot of it — but of course it’s not.



However, our nation’s response to the overturning of Roe may offer some hope at the end of the road — if we approach the situation with heart, brains and courage, just like activists and voters did in Kansas on Tuesday!

Kansas is a state that voted overwhelmingly for Trump (56.1% to 41.5%) in 2020, and even worse (56.16% to 35.74%) in 2016.

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100 Days, 100 Wins, & MORE TO COME!


Please come!
Mikie needs your support canvassing,
especially this Sunday!
Register here:
Can't make it to the 11am launch (when Mikie's there)?
There's another canvass starting there at 3pm!
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NEWSLETTER: Our First 2022 Endorsement — GUESS WHO?!?

NJ 11th for Change
is ready to issue our first endorsement
of the 2022 Election Cycle!


Our first priority is — and always will be — New Jersey’s 11th Congressional District. In the spirit of fairness and genuine curiosity, we sent our in-depth endorsement questionnaire to both our incumbent congressional representative and the challenger in our CD-11 home district. 

The incumbent, Dem Mikie Sherrill (perhaps you’ve heard of her?) gave thoughtful, detailed answers to our questions about the future of democracy, reproductive rights, the economy, gun safety, education, immigration, and more.

Her GOP opponent, some guy from Montville, couldn’t be bothered to respond to our questionnaire, so we can’t be bothered to remember his name.  

In addition to ignoring our questionnaire, Mikie’s opponent has been declining to do mainstream press interviews and refused to participate in debates during the GOP primary. What’s he hiding? Perhaps … his extremist positions?

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