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There’s no better way to launch a week than with a party! We can’t remember a Monday better than this past one, when so many NJ 11th for Change members gathered in Stacey and Ted Abenstein’s beautiful backyard — for a picnic with our very own congresswoman, Mikie Sherrill!


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Come Picnic with Mikie

August is just beginning — but DANG! Already, what a month!

The Biden administration is posting spectacular numbers related to the U.S. economy — concrete, quantifiable achievements, including the lowest unemployment rate in fifty years (3.5%), 528,000 new jobs just in July, and the lowest percentage of uninsured people ever (8%).

Congress wrestled problem-child Dem Senators Manchin and Sinema into passing the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, a landmark piece of legislation that will have a major impact on the national economy, healthcare affordability, and the course of climate change. It will affect millions of Americans in important and positive ways, which — if we message it correctly — will help build our chances for success in the November elections.


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Kansas is PROOF!

We wish we could say “it was all just a dream” — the Alito leak, the Dobbs decision, the trigger laws, the Ohio ten-year-old, the whole lot of it — but of course it’s not.



However, our nation’s response to the overturning of Roe may offer some hope at the end of the road — if we approach the situation with heart, brains and courage, just like activists and voters did in Kansas on Tuesday!

Kansas is a state that voted overwhelmingly for Trump (56.1% to 41.5%) in 2020, and even worse (56.16% to 35.74%) in 2016.

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100 Days, 100 Wins, & MORE TO COME!


Please come!
Mikie needs your support canvassing,
especially this Sunday!
Register here:
Can't make it to the 11am launch (when Mikie's there)?
There's another canvass starting there at 3pm!
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