Defending Democracy: Municipal Candidate Meet & Greet! —— Monday, June 7, 2021 @7:00pm ... and other upcoming events!

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Dear Supporters

Over the past 4 years, NJ 11th for Change has launched dozens of political careers. We’re not just talking about Congresswoman Mikie Sherrill, either, for whom we cleared a path by scaring off Rodney Frelinghuysen. We’re talking about our own grassroots members! 

SCORES of you have run for office after becoming politically engaged with us, and we couldn’t be prouder. Our members now run for every office in New Jersey: from municipal party committee member to town council representative, mayor to county commissioner (formerly ‘freeholder’), New Jersey State Senator to General Assembly member.


This year, we’ve got a bumper crop of candidates, especially on a municipal level! Please join us on Monday, June 7 (the night before the primary election) at 7:00 pm for a très relaxé Defending Democracy open house (on Zoom, natch) to meet some of our favorite mayoral and town council candidates! 

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Among our guests will be:

  • Cori Herbig
  • Judy Hernandez
  • Christy Lazarow
  • Michael Soriano
  • Kate Barry
  • Mark Gyorfy
  • Tara Olivio-Moore
  • Kim Mazzie  

... and more!

Who's that masked man? That's Parsippany mayor Michael Soriano,
with his running mates Judy Hernandez and Cori Herbig!

These wonderful people share our values and have long been our allies. We’re just crazy about them! Come hear what they all have to say about this year's race, what they plan to do in office, and why it’s SO DAMNED IMPORTANT to vote your ballot all the way down the ticket, not just the topline races.

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That's not all, folks!

NJ 11th for Change is getting ready to fill up your calendar in other ways, too — and soon! Here are some highlights:

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Video of Election Rules 101 for 2021

Missed our panel discussion with reps from each CD 11 county (Essex, Morris, Passaic, and Sussex) discussion election rules for 2021?

Never fear!

Click here to watch the recording of this lively and incredibly information discussion.

And don't forget to vote on Tuesday, June 8, 2021!

Defending Democracy: Election Rules 101 — Pre-Register Now for Zoom on Wednesday, May 12, 2021 @7:00pm

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Dear Supporters,

Pandemic election rules in 2020 included lots of (sometimes confusing) innovations: universal mail-in ballots! brand-new secure drop boxes! in-person polling place closures!

But now it's 2021 and vaccination rates are increasing at a steady clip ...

... so this year's elections will be back to normal ... right?

Not necessarily!

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Defending Democracy: Everything You Wanted to Know About Town Councils (But Were Afraid to Ask)

Did you miss last night's STELLAR panel discussion?

Do you want to share it with friends, family, and neighbors?

Did you enjoy it so much you just have to watch it again (and take notes this time)?

Here it is, on YouTube!

Start at 3:40 to avoid some less-than-entertaining Zoom set-up!

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