Deadline: TODAY. Are You Registered To Vote?


TODAY (TUES. Oct. 16) IS THE DAY to ensure that you are able to vote on Nov. 6, 2018 in what is arguably the most important election of our lifetimes. This is the home stretch.

If you have not yet registered to vote in New Jersey, you have until today to register in time to vote in the general election.

 GO HERE to find out how to register.

If you’re already registered to vote:

  • Check NOW at this link to make sure your registration is current and active. If it isn’t, go to the link above for instructions on how to register by Oct. 16.
  • Use this link to make sure you know where your polling place is.
  • IMPORTANT Vote By Mail Update: If you are a registered voter who applied for a Vote By Mail (VBM) ballot for the 2016 general election, you will automatically be sent a VBM ballot for 2018. Our VBM fact sheet has more details about important Vote By Mail updates for 2018.


Please take a moment, right now, to make sure you’re registered, and to make a voting plan.

Talk to your family and friends. Ask if they are registered. Encourage them to become registered voters. If they’re already registered, encourage them to check to make sure their registration is active.

Don’t sit this one out. There’s so much at stake this year, for all of us.

Tip Of The Week: A Webber Swipe At Women's Health


During Gov. Chris Christie’s administration, funding for women’s reproductive health care was slashed. More than $7 million per year was eliminated for health and family planning for uninsured women -- funding that went to lifesaving, preventive services including breast and cervical cancer screenings, birth control, and testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections and HIV.

Health centers were forced to close. Breast and cervical cancer cases increased. And Morris County had the highest surge in bacterial sexually transmitted infections in the state.

Did Jay Webber stand with other legislators who voted to protect NJ women by restoring the needed funding? Not a chance. He voted against the bill that provided a safety net for low-income women.

#27moredays  #votesherrill


WATCH: Shala Gagliardi Explains Vote By Mail Rules

Shala Gagliardi, Democratic candidate for Morris County Clerk, put up a video on her Facebook page recently that covers what you should know about Vote By Mail procedures, including what's new this year.

(Still have questions about the new rules for 2018? Download our handy Vote By Mail guide.)

Tip Of The Week: Webber Opposes A Sensible Gun Law (Again)


When thousands of students and families across the state marched in support of tougher gun laws this spring, astute legislators paid attention. A few weeks later, New Jersey joined eight other states and Washington DC to pass laws banning large capacity ammunition magazines holding more than ten rounds.

Despite the fact that residents in our congressional district favor having strong gun laws, Jay Webber voted against this reasonable measure.

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