Join Our Final Big Push for Mikie!

Please join us — and Mikie! — to canvass this Saturday at 9:00 am in Parsippany. Register here for the exact address.

The game is on.

  • New Jersey voters who requested mail ballots for the midterm elections are already returning them to the Board of Elections; over 100,000 votes have already been cast.
  • In 15 days, early in-person voting will begin, at centralized voting centers in each NJ county.
  • And in 25 days, Election Day will arrive: the last chance for voters to make their voices heard for the 2022 midterms.

Of course, it's not a game at all.

Make no mistake: voting rights and the future of democracy are on the ballot. Election Day may not just be the last chance to make your voice heard in this year's midterms; it may be the last chance to make your electoral voice heard in a meaningful way ever. Red states run by far-right politicians have been slashing voter access left and right, targeting blue-leaning urban centers, people of color, and working-class voters, and they've been passing measures that will allow conservative election officials to overturn the will of the majority. If the right wins the House and the Senate, they will nationalize this strategy and the days of free and fair elections in the United States may well be over.
Click here to read the Brennan Center's chilling round-up of election interference and access restriction legislation (May 2022).

Voting rights aren't all that's on the ballot. Policies to mitigate climate change, to protect working people from corporate interests, and to expand rather than reduce access to affordable quality healthcare and education are also on the chopping block.

And of course, reproductive rights. The right to have an abortion has already been thrown to the states, including those run by far-right legislators who care no more for women's health, economic security, and bodily autonomy than they do for democracy. If conservatives win the House and the Senate, we all know they'll abandon their "states rights" pretense, and pass legislation outlawing abortion on a national level — even in blue states like New Jersey.

We cannot afford to lose our hold on the federal legislature


Mikie Sherrill and Tom Malinowski are steadfast supporters of reproductive rights. We can't let their opponents in CD11 and CD7 win! The two red challengers talk out of both sides of their mouths: they tell mainstream voters that, sure, yeah, they're pro-choice — but their real policies are anything but.

Mikie Sherrill's opponent, Paul DeGroot (R)

When Paul DeGroot is in public, he says he's pro-choice ... but he is fine with granting individual states the right to strip women of their rights. Hey, Paul: that's not pro-choice.
Tom Malinowski's opponent, Tom Kean, Jr. (R)

Tom Kean, Jr., has scrubbed his campaign website of his forced-birth views, but maintains a "secret" website (shared only with conservative supporters) that brags, "Tom is a fierce defender of the sanctity of life, fighting every step of the way to protect the unborn from egregious abortion laws proposed in New Jersey, and will continue to do so in Congress."

DeGroot and Kean are running to join other conservative candidates in the House and Senate, and they will surely vote — as conservatives always do — as a bloc. They'll be voting with New Hampshire senatorial candidate Don Bolduc, who (according to Heather Cox Richardson) last week

"defended the overturning of Roe v. Wade and the subsequent loss of recognition of the constitutional right to abortion. The issue of abortion “belongs to the state,” he said. “It belongs to these gentlemen right here, who are state legislators representing you. That is the best way I think, as a man, that women get the best voice.

Think he's an outlier from mainstream GOPers? Nope. Richardson reports, "Republican super PACs are pouring money behind Bolduc." If that's where conservative money flows, you better believe that DeGroot and Kean and the rest of "these gentlemen right here" won't be bucking their party any time soon. They'll strip women of their reproductive rights, and laugh all the way to the bank.

These are the stakes. It is no game.

So we've gotta ask:

If you are not doing everything you can

to protect the future of our country, our children, our grandchildren, and our planet ...

Spirits were high at the March to ROEvember in Montclair on Saturday. The speeches (by Congresswomen Mikie Sherrill and Bonnie Watson Coleman, Don Payne, Cory Booker, and more!) were passionate and compelling. The crowd was earnest and enthusiastic. Pro-choice candidates mingled and talked with the public. Everyone cheered.

We didn't lay eyes on Paul DeGroot, who was rumored to be planning to attend but doesn't seem to have dared to show his face.


It wouldn't be a rally without Facts Matter Jack!


Women standing up for other women! Anne-Marie Principe, Leslie Bockol, Hetty Rosenstein and Sue Altman


The congresswoman tutoring Montclair's youngest One-L, with an assist by NJ 11th for Change


A selfie with the Senator? Everything everyone said it would be!

CD11 powerhouses, leading the march through the streets

NJ 11th for Change even brought balloons!

But marching isn't going to get enough voters to the polls.
If volunteers don't show up to CANVASS,

our rights are going to slip through our fingers and disappear, just like those balloons did.


That's why we ask: please join in a canvass opportunity this weekend! For Mikie, for Tom Malinowski, take your choice — but get out there. Canvassing is the NUMBER ONE MOST EFFECTIVE WAY to get our voters to the polls. We've got plenty of times and places to choose from listed in our Events & Volunteer Opportunities section below ... so find one that fits your schedule, put on your comfy shoes, and grab a friend to keep you company. You'll be glad you did.

ESPECIALLY if you come to the launch NJ 11th for Change is sponsoring in Parsippany on Saturday morning! Mikie will be there too. We would LOVE to see you there — and are confident Mikie will be thrilled too! Register here and we'll get you all set.

Register here to get the exact address!

We'll save you a slice of coffee cake!


A special shout-out to our hard-working, heroic Vote-by-Mail volunteers!

As Election Day looms (and with it the deadline for requesting a mail-in ballot), we are approaching the end of our ambitious VBM project. Volunteers are continuing to send out literally tens of thousands of letters to voters, with VBM application forms and instructions on how to use them. CD11 county clerks are seeing an uptick in requests for VBM ballots, and we know our valiant volunteers — like Amy Bechilli, from Team Nutley — have a lot to do with it!

Tremendous gratitude to our VBMers! Their work will pay off for years to come, as 2022's mail voters continue to use this easy, high-turnout system in future elections. The last day for county election officials to receive VBM applications is coming up, so keep up the great work, volunteers, while there's still time! If you have questions, email us at a new address: [email protected] with "VBM" in the subject line!

And a great big WELCOME to our enthusiastic team of postcarders!

Our first print-run of almost 5000 Get-Out-The-Vote (GOTV) postcards was cleaned out by volunteers in under 24 hours! We are busily rubberbanding packets, cutting address lists, and preparing pick-ups and deliveries now, and waiting for our next print-run of postcards to be manufactured. We are IN AWE of you, postcarders!

Ready to join the postcarding team? Just email us here with "POSTCARDING" in the subject line. We've got the postcards, we've got the address lists. All you need are stamps and the time and commitment to write them and mail them by October 28.


Postcarding! It's a great thing to do if canvassing isn't possible for you right now. It's also a great thing to do before or after a satisfying day of canvassing!

And an invitation to VOTE CHASE for our keyboard warriors ... and to all of the digital-native teenagers in our lives!

In the final weeks and days of the campaigh, we will be vote-chasing: sending texts to voters who haven't yet taken advantage of vote-by-mail or early in-person voting. People who just need a little nudge!

This project is incredibly gratifying: you can whip through hundreds or even thousands of texts in minutes. And voters are genuinely appreciative of the information our texts provide: how to find their polling place, what days and hours they can cast a vote in person, where the nearest drop box for their mail ballot is, and so much more. For a shocking number of voters, being provided with that kind of basic information is all it takes to help them make a voting plan and have their voices heard!

Want to give it a try? Email us here with "VOTE CHASING" in the subject line and we'll contact you when the time comes

ALERT! We've got information for you to share with your communities!


NJ 11th for Change is hosting a
Voting Process Information Session
on October 23 at 7:00 pm!

Essex County Clerk Chris Durkin and other panelists will be updating us on all the latest details of where, when, and how we can cast our ballots.

Do you want to stay on top of all the latest developments? Do you have friends who need it all spelled out for them? Do you have questions for our "Can You Stump Chris Durkin?" contest?

Sign up here and we'll send you the Zoom link!

NJ 11th for Change Executive Director Mara Novak looks friendly but she's secretly racking her brain for voting questions to stump Chris.



Grab your popcorn, call your friends. Here's the upcoming debate schedule!

— Sunday, Oct. 23 at 9:00 pm: New Jersey Globe Debate. Visit this link at the scheduled time.
— Tuesday, Oct. 25 at 7:00 pm: League of Women Voters Debate. Live in-person AND livestreamed. More infrmation here. Watch the livestream on YouTube here.
— Wednesday, Oct. 26 at 7:00–8:30 pm: Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest NJ Candidate Forum. Register here.

— Sunday, Oct. 16 at 9:00 pm: New Jersey Globe Debate. Visit this link at the scheduled time.

Volunteering is up to ALL of us.

We hope to see you out there!


NOTE: Our new Volunteer Opportunities webpage will always be updated with the current week’s roster of actions you can take to support our endorsed candidates: Mikie Sherrill (CD11), Tom Malinowski (CD7) and Andy Kim (CD3). Please bookmark it, and check it regularly!



  • Saturday, October 15 at 9:00 am in Parsippany
    Pastries & Politics Canvass Launch WITH MIKIE SHERRILL
    Register here for exact address.


    We've got the postcards, we've got the address lists. All you need are stamps and the time and commitment to write them and mail them. Ready to get going? Email us here with "POSTCARDING" in the subject line and we'll coordinate getting you a stack of postcards. Our intensive get-out-the-vote postcarding campaign focuses on the issue polling shows is the most motivating to get voters to the polls this year: Abortion rights. Messaging is short and sweet and focused on getting people to the polls in CD11.



(Click the links for details, and to register)

The March to ROEvember last weekend was stunning! We hope you all are as fired up as we are! Let's channel that into action because we desperately need your help talking to NJ-11 voters to ensure Mikie wins re-election!

Find an event near you and come help us out!




We are also hosting virtual phonebanks every day and knocking doors every weekend until the election to remind voters to get out and vote.

Want a Mikie Sherrill lawn sign? Request one here!
Installing it in your yard is a snap!




(Click the links for details, and to register)



Click this link to find more opportunities to volunteer for Tom Malinowski!



(Click the links for details, and to register)


Sundays at 1:00 pm:
Team Andy Weekly Phone Banking!

Tuesdays & Thursdays at 6:00 pm
Team Andy Weekly Phone Banking!

Wednesdays at 6:00 pm
AAPI Phone Bank for Andy Kim!


Click this link to find more opportunities to volunteer for Andy Kim!




We've got the postcards, we've got the address lists. All you need are stamps and the time and commitment to write them and mail them. Ready to get going? Email us here with "POSTCARDING" in the subject line and we'll coordinate getting a stack of postcards into your hot little hands! Our intensive get-out-the-vote postcarding campaign focuses on the issue polling shows is the most motivating to get voters to the polls this year: Abortion rights. Messaging is short and sweet and focused on getting people to the polls in CD11.

(Can't write but want to donate stamps or stamp-money? Email us!)

Vote-Chasing by Text Banking STARTING SOON! SIGN UP NOW!
In the final weeks and days of election season, use your phone and computer to reach CD11 voters who are sitting on their ballots! It's fast and fun and very, very effective. No ballot left behind!

If you are interested in joining when this program starts, email us with "VOTE CHASING" in the subject line.


Working America Letter-Writing Campaign: You know that NJ 11th for Change usually focuses close to home — no national campaigns that make us roam far afield. HOWEVER! We do make one exception! Our volunteers have been participating in Working America's national letter campaign for several years, with terrific success! Working America (the activism branch of AFL-CIO) is a data-driven organization with its finger on the pulse of their electorate, and they have a meticulously field-tested, proven strategy for swinging votes in tight races. They know exactly which voters to touch, and exactly what issues and messages will do the job.

How does it work? You will be sent a document with the text of a carefully crafted letter, focused on one of three core issues that (research shows!) turns red voters blue. You'll also get a list of addresses. Type a few additional personal sentences into the document, print it out, sign it by hand, stuff it in an envelope and mail it off with a handwritten address. Print, sign, and stuff till you’ve completed your list! (You’ll need to provide stationery and stamps.) Our experienced volunteers say that it’s quicker and easier than writing postcards … and the vote-swing rate is the envy of grassroots groups from coast to coast!

Interested in helping? Get on the list by emailing NJ 11’s Working America expert, Jim Price, and putting “WORKING AMERICA” in the subject line. (Can't write but want to donate stamps or stamp-money? Email Jim!)





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Your contributions make our work possible! Donations allowed us to make almost 160,000 voter contacts in New Jersey's 11th congressional district in 2020, and over 130,000 in 2021; our efforts were a big part of making 11 towns flip from Trump in 2016 to Biden in 2020 (including some historically deep-red municipalities!) and securing a tight victory for Governor Phil Murphy in 2021.

Your generous donation goes towards our data analysis and voter-file access, text banking expenses, support for our events, printing, and much more. It allows us to continue our work building a government that is transparent, responsive and accountable. Please visit our "DONATE" link and pledge any amount. Every contribution helps as we charge ahead into 2021 and beyond!