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Today is GIVING TUESDAY — a day when people nationwide commit to support organizations whose missions they believe in.

Will you support NJ 11th for Change today?

NJ 11th for Change believes in democracy.
And we believe that 2022 is a crucial election year. 

  • Control of the House of Representatives is at stake. 
  • Losing the House means losing any chance to pass President Biden’s agenda.
  • The frightening wave of far-right extremism sweeping our nation — and our state! — means that NO SEAT IS SAFE, including our district’s representative, Mikie Sherrill. 



In 2022, we will need to muster all of our forces to protect our political gains. NJ 11th for Change has the hands-on experience, in-depth local knowledge, and committed grassroots volunteers to do it right — through laser-focused canvassing, postcarding, text banking, phone banking, voter education programs, calls to action, and more. 



  • In 2017-18 we ousted 23-year incumbent Rodney Frelinghuysen, beat back ultra-conservative Jay Webber, and launched Rep. Mikie Sherrill’s political career. 
  • In 2020 we made over 160,000 constituent contacts, to make sure that our target voters had the information they needed to vote — and defeat Trump — despite the election’s covid-related complexities.
  • In 2021 — facing races we knew would be uncomfortably close — we made over 135,000 constituent contacts, motivating voters who share our values but who have a history of infrequent voting. 



That’s why Rolling Stone Magazine, the Rachel Maddow Show, the New York Times, Indivisible, and the Washington Post have all recognized NJ 11th for Change as a force to be reckoned with!

No grassroots organization understands Congressional District 11 better than we do, or has more of what it takes to be effective. We are fighting right here on our home turf for the future of our democracy.  

Will you help us by making a donation today, on Giving Tuesday? 

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FREE Limited Edition
2022 NJ 11th for Change
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NJ 11th for Change is a 501(c)(4) unaffiliated organization dedicated to advocating for all people of New Jersey’s 11th Congressional District. We foster an engaged and informed community with the power to shape our political representation so that it is transparent, responsive and accountable—and so that it reflects the values of fairness, compassion, inclusivity and a decent quality of life.



NEWSLETTER: 10-27-21 — FINAL WEEK — We Need Your Help Canvassing & Texting!

How Many Days Until
Election Day 2021
(November 2)?
6 Days


We're down to the wire — less than a week before Election Day!! — and the races from Governor down to town councils are all competitive. Based on recent polling, Governor Phil Murphy's double-digit lead from this summer is down to the single digits, and we're starting to lose sleep over it. 

South Jersey is polling strongly for Jack Ciattarelli (what are they thinking?!?), so we've got to make the most of  North Jersey's blue voters by maximizing turnout. NJ 11th for Change has identified five towns where we REALLY need to get out the vote (and where getting out the vote can make a difference down-ballot, too) and we'd like your help. Can you canvass? THIS IS OUR LAST CHANCE! Please sign up for one of these great opportunities!! We've got a Fridays with Frelinghuysen reunion canvass, a Wayne Wednesdays reunion canvass, a visit with Mikie, and more.

It doesn't have to BE your town for you to make a DIFFERENCE — a statewide difference — by knocking doors there. We hope you'll join us!

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OCTOBER 19, 2021 — NJ 11th for Change Retracts Endorsement of Morris County Commissioner Candidate A.J. Oliver

Dear NJ 11th for Change Members,

We unhappily write to you to retract NJ 11th for Change’s endorsement of Democratic candidate A.J. Oliver for Morris County Commissioner.

This week, it came to light that Oliver, a member of the three-person slate we endorsed for Morris County Commissioner, has been concealing the fact that he is actually a vocal anti-choice activist.

Oliver did not initially disclose to his running mates that he is anti-choice; and later was not forthright that he is intent on advancing those beliefs legislatively, having urged people to call their legislators to lobby against New Jersey’s Reproductive Freedom Act. Nor did he disclose to his running mates that he had been endorsed by the anti-choice group DFLA (Democrats for Life of America).

However, a video emerged this weekend showing Oliver speaking publicly in December at a DFLA event. This prompted us to speak with people who have deeper insight into the situation, and we learned the unfortunate truth.

Members of the NJ 11th for Change endorsement committee based their July/August 2021 votes to endorse or not endorse this slate on their questionnaire responses, which avowed that the slate is “pro-woman” and “feminist.” Given the revelation that Oliver’s position is far removed from what most of us would consider “pro-woman” or “feminist,” we feel strongly that continuing to endorse this candidate would be a betrayal of our members’ values, which are and have always been overwhelmingly pro-choice. Moreover, Oliver’s lack of transparency with his team and running mates, and then with us, is antithetical to our organization’s core values.

We thereby retract NJ 11th for Change’s endorsement of A.J. Oliver.

We do not wish to provide Oliver with a platform for his views or a stepping stone to higher office. Nor can we in good conscience keep silent and encourage our members and the wider community to support a candidate who so drastically misrepresented his positions to us and others, and who so diametrically opposes our values.

We continue to enthusiastically endorse the other two candidates on the slate, T.C. McCourt and Dina Mikulka, and encourage our members to support them. They do not share Oliver’s anti-choice beliefs, and seem to have been blindsided by these revelations.

We understand that this retraction may hurt Oliver’s running mates’ chances in the election; however, we feel strongly that the responsibility for this lays firmly on the heads of Mr. Oliver and those who knowingly selected him to run as a Democrat despite his opposition to a central Democratic principle, the right to choose.

As a grassroots organization and an important “outsider” voice, it is crucial that we hold true to our mission and our values, and preserve NJ 11th for Change’s integrity and independence. Doing so serves a valuable long-term function in our democracy, even if it hurts our chances in a specific election in the short term. Our standards must be higher.

Leslie Bockol and Mara Novak
Co-Executive Directors
NJ 11th for Change

NEWSLETTER: 10/14 — Volunteers Needed for the FINAL PUSH!

How Many Days Until
Election Day 2021
(November 2)?
19 Days


It's less than TWENTY days before Election Day! NINE days until Early Voting starts! And eager voters are already returning their mail-in ballots!

The election is in full swing, and now is the time to go full-bore in tracking down voters aligned with our values and MAKING SURE THEY VOTE! That includes people we know personally (“relational canvassing”) and people we don’t. 


First things first: please let people in your circle of friends and family know that this is an important election. Tell them you're counting on them; promise them cookies. Let them know that the governor and the entire state legislature is up for election — and that state legislatures are crucial to our future. Just look at what’s going on in Texas, Ohio, and all the states with red-controlled state houses! And this year’s NJ election is in no way a 'gimme' Conservative voters are riled up, and we need to stand up against their anti-diversity, anti-woman, anti-public health, anti-equity, anti-progress dogma. 

Conservative voters are showing their ire at Board of Ed meetings.
Think they'll show up to vote on Election Day? Better believe it.

ALSO! Let your friends and family know that there are three ways they can vote this year. 

  1. They can vote by mail (if they have not already requested a mail ballot, it’s not too late!)
  2. They can vote early in-person from October 23 to October 30 
  3. They can vote in-person on Election Day, November 2.

For more details and answers to lots of election questions, tell them to visit the clear, concise NJ 11th for Change Voter Information webpage!

And save the date for MONDAY, OCTOBER 18, when we will have expert representatives discussing voting methods (where, when, and how) for all four counties in our district: Essex, Morris, Passaic, and Sussex. This Defending Democracy event, titled "Everything You Wanted to Know About Voting in New Jersey (But Were Afraid to Ask)," is free and open to all. More info and registrations links coming soon!



Traditional grassroots activism means spreading the word far and wide in our communities! There are no end of opportunities to canvass door-to-door for our endorsed candidates (see the “Events & Volunteer Opportunities” section at the end of this newsletter; don't miss LD39's Ice Cream Truck Rally!!). But NJ 11th is also reaching voters in other ways: BLANKETING THE DISTRICT WITH POSTCARDS & TEXTS, AND TABLING AT PUBLIC EVENTS! Here's how you can help:

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