RALLY THIS SUNDAY -- Roe's 50th Anniversary, or Roe's Memorial?



This Sunday marks a bittersweet anniversary: fifty years since the Supreme Court’s Roe v Wade decision.




As unfathomable as it is that we have fewer rights today than we did fifty years ago, we are just as strong, just as motivated, and just as determined as our pro-choice predecessors were in 1973!  




This Sunday, NJ 11th for Change is co-sponsoring two “BIGGER THAN ROE” rallies — one in West Orange, and one in Summit. Please join us in this NATIONWIDE day of action! Show your anger about the Dobbs decision, and demonstrate your commitment to fighting to restore our rights!

Rally in West Orange this Sunday, January 22, 2:00-3:30 pm. Click here for details. Come early to use the sign-making station!

Rally in Summit this Sunday, January 22, 12:00-1:00. Click here for details!  


It is crucial that we continue to raise our voices about the war on our reproductive rights. We need to hold every member of our government accountable for this decision. 


  • Tell Congress that we will VOTE THEM IN or VOTE THEM OUT based on their reproductive rights positions!

  • Show the White House that we expect them to fight for us, using every strategy available!

  • Express our disdain for the partisan hacks who have hijacked the Supreme Court!

  • Convince our state government to establish every possible defense for us here in New Jersey! 


The situation is urgent — especially for our fellow Americans in conservative states. On this important anniversary, please join us to mourn the passing of Roe, condemn the misogynists who killed it, demand that elected officials restore our rights — and most of all, lift one another up in hope, solidarity, and determination. 


If you are looking for an opportunity to educate yourself further:

Consider registering for this remarkable event, also co-sponsored by NJ 11th for Change! With representatives from a variety of faith traditions, it's a great opportunity to build your understanding of varying positions on reproductive rights, and better arm yourself to participate in dialogue on this life-and-death subject.

Register for this fascinating in-person event on February 7 in South Orange. Click here to sign up.






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