Suggestions for NJ 11th for Change

What could we be doing better?

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Well done folks! Proud of you all for standing up for your American rights!

Supporting the Democratic Candidates for NJ11

Curious on when NJ 11 for change will support one of the Democratic Candidates for or district? (and who?) I believe to truly make an impact, we need to remove Rodney from office. That means getting behind and supporting a viable candidate to unseat him. The sooner we do this, the better.

Outreach in Schools!

Hello. I'm a student at Morristown High School, and I know that many of the students here are politically active and willing to get out and protest. I think having greater outreach in high schools in Morris County can bring in more volunteers and members and help get more people involved in this organization and getting more citizens of the community involved and aware of what is currently happening in the local political scene.

You will be featured in Good News from the Resistance

Heads up to let you know you will be featured on May 29 in Good News from the Resistance: Thank you!

Countdown clock

What about a countdown timer, much like the Union Square debt clock, to countdown the end of his term in 2018? Prominently placed in the Morristown Green, ideally. A go fund me could be a way to pay for it.

Have some events nights or weekends

reaching more voters (and non-voters!) in our district

Some thoughts on making this group and it's email newsletter more accessible to more constituents/residents:

  • newsletters/updates in other languages: Spanish would be my first thought, not sure about any others
  • printed/mailed newsletters and/or flyers: for those less computer savvy and without email accounts such as the elderly

More of a question than a suggestion..

Where can I find the dates for the town halls? I'm on his phone list now but missed the call on Monday because I didn't know it was happening. Thank you