Issue Essentials

Week of June 26, 2018

Shame Forces Trump to Change Child Abductions to Family Detention

Week of June 12, 2018

NJ 11th for Change is set to engage the electorate. In a Q&A format, we walk through key questions and some surprising answers

Week of May 29, 2018

Trump’s Latest Grab: Women’s Health and Reproductive Rights

Week of May 22, 2018

The NJ 11 District Needs Leadership on Immigration, Now

Week of May 15, 2018

GOP Turns Farm Bill into Harm Bill for America’s most vulnerable

Week of May 8, 2018

Countering NRA talking points on gun safety - UPDATED

Week of April 27, 2018

Tax Cut? What Tax Cut?

Week of April 17, 2018

A Bipartisan Issue: Stop Interfering With the Mueller Investigation

Week of April 3, 2018

Stop the Attacks on the Census and Ensure an Accurate Count