Primary Day: The Power of Us


It's Primary Day here in NJ -- VOTE! Not sure where your polling place is? CLICK HERE.


As we noted the other day, there can be strength and inspiration even in the toughest of times. The picture above is a powerful example -- a selection of the ballots featuring literally dozens of NJ 11th for Change friends who are running for office, many for the first time.

They reflect a core aspect of NJ11th for Change -- participation. Since coming into existence a year-and-a-half ago, this group has been a gathering point for an ever-growing number of friends and neighbors who want to look up from the phone, get out of the house, and do right for our democracy by offering something of ourselves to keep it healthy.

Because the person we all need right now is … us.

Congratulations to everyone who stepped up to be changemakers on their local ballots! Β Here’s hoping for more of the same come November.Β  And don't forget to step up today and VOTE.