NEWSLETTER 9/3 — THIS IS NOT FINE! (& What YOU Can Do About It)

How Many Days Until

Election Day 2021?

60 Days


End of summer is supposed to be a peaceful time. A time for regathering ourselves, for getting ready. Not a time for worry, fear and rage!

So, 2021, what on earth is going on?

This past month, things have seemed more chaotic and contentious than ever (and let’s face it, after the past 5 years, our bar for ‘chaotic’ and ‘contentious’ has gotten pretty high). 

Here’s just a sampling of what we’re up against:

Texas Gov Greg Abbott, and his co-conspirators on the Supreme Court.

  • Locally, an astroturf (i.e., fake grassroots) movement of loudmouth anti-maskers has begun to besiege our local school boards, using torch-and-pitchfork intimidation tactics in an effort to undo Governor Murphy’s sensible and overwhelmingly popular public school mask mandate … and most pro-mask parents aren’t even paying attention. 

  • A brutal storm (with, excuse me, tornadoes??) upended millions of Americans, including all of us here in CD11. Hurricane Ida killed at least 25 people just in NJ, devastating countless homes and businesses, and providing painfully clear evidence of the chaos that’s sure to come with climate change. We hope that all of our supporters and their loved ones came through the storm safely, and that any damage is able to be repaired swiftly. 

Many of us had been feeling fine for a little while, after Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’s thrilling inauguration, the revocation of the Orange Menace's Twitter access, and the launch of widespread COVID-19 vaccination. But elections are coming up in New Jersey, and there is a lot at stake. Our far-right opponents are ratcheting up, and things are getting tense, to say the least.

We are MOST DEFINITELY not feeling fine right now.

But what can you do? 

The most important thing to remember: All politics is LOCAL. 

You might not think who represents you in your state legislature matters much. We have one word for you: TEXAS. 

  • Voting restrictions? Texas legislature. 
  • Potential end of Roe v Wade? Texas legislature. 
  • Gun laws? Covid regulations? All state-level laws.

Who drafts and votes on those laws? State legislatures. Every seat in New Jersey’s state legislature (the State Senate and the General Assembly) is up for election this fall. 

Who signs (or vetoes) those laws? The Governor. New Jersey’s gubernatorial race is going to be heated this year, and the choice between progressive incumbent Phil Murphy and reactionary Jack Ciattarelli couldn’t be starker.

Do you want to make sure New Jersey makes the right choices? Do you want to guarantee that our laws get better, not worse? We need good people in our legislature and in the governor’s office!

Trenton: Where positive change happens … if we MAKE it happen!

If you want to make change, you need to start in your own state and legislative district. (Don’t know what district you’re in? Find out here.) State and local politics may not seem as exciting as national politics. But the impact on your life, and your neighbors? HUGE. 

What can you do? 

Find candidates you like (see our list of endorsed candidates) and VOLUNTEER! Write those postcards, knock those doors, staff those phone banks and text those texts. The “Events & Volunteer Opportunities" section of this newsletter (scroll down!) will list ways you can help, each and every week. Pick one, and give it a whirl!

Candidates are counting on politically aware people like YOU
to rouse sleepy voters out of their summer torpor! 

What else can you do? 

  • Get involved with local grassroots groups like us. We’ve got an endless stream of ideas for ways you can help! Plus, we’re lots of fun to hang out with.

  • Go to Town Council and Board of Ed meetings. Don’t let the loudmouth loons who equate mask mandates with the Holocaust be the only voices your council members and BOE members hear as we enter this crucial and challenging school year. Most New Jerseyans support the mask mandate as our best chance to keep schools open for in-person learning this year!  

Children of anti-maskers protesting in Wayne.

  • Call and write to your local officials. Make sure they know who you are and that you vote. And that you have friends who vote! Representative contact info can be found here and here

  • Finally, donate, donate, donate. Money talks. A little goes a long way at the local level. If you can, donate to those local groups and local candidates, small donations have an enormous impact in local campaigns. More money means more signs and more campaign literature and more exposure.

This rant

brought to you by

your favorite grassroots activists:


Events &

Volunteer Opportunities



  • DEFENDING DEMOCRACY — “REDISTRICTING: WHAT IT MEANS FOR NEW JERSEY’S NOTORIOUS POLITICAL LANDSCAPE” — Monday, September 13, 7:00 pm on ZOOM. New Jersey is a political snake pit. Redistricting can either make our government more fair and representative, or it can strengthen existing politicos' death grip on power. How will this year's ongoing redistricting affect YOUR representation in Trenton and in D.C.? WILL YOU STILL BE IN MIKIE SHERRILL'S DISTRICT? Register here for the Zoom link: Featuring the incredibly knowledgeable Marcia Marley (President of BlueWave NJ) and others TBA.

  • REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS ACTION — Every Day, All Day; Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop. MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD FOR REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS! Today would be a really good day to write and call your state electeds and tell them to PASS THE REPRODUCTIVE FREEDOM ACT. Click here to learn why this matters. And call State Senate Prez Steve Sweeney and Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin while you are at it. Find Sweeney and Coughlin’s contact info here: Check here for YOUR district’s state legislators:

Orange are states with anti-abortion trigger laws or other anti-abortion measures. Purple (nice choice!) are states with abortion protections codified into law. PLEASE NOTE: Jersey ain’t purple ... YET. Read more here.



Texting with NJ 11th for Change

  • TEXT BANKING CD11 VOTERS — On your own schedule, with group Zoom hangouts (dates to be announced).
    We have to make sure that our target voters are ready to vote in NJ’s crucial off-year election: that they're registered, that they know how to use vote-by-mail ballots, that they understandthe early voting period, and more! Turnout is the key to victory! To join the texting team, email [email protected].



Phil Murphy (Governor)


with NJ Forward 2021 Coordinated Campaign

  • Totowa — Saturday, September 4 at 10:00 am, 1:00 pm, and 4:00 pm
  • Totowa — Sunday, September 5 at 1:00 pm, 4:00 pm, and 6:00 pm

Sign up here: for more information; meeting places vary. Please contact Katey at [email protected] or 973-818-6713 with any questions! 

  • Woodland Park — Wednesdays at 4:00 pm 

Sign up here: for more information; meeting places vary. Please contact Katey at [email protected] or 973-818-6713 with any questions! 

  • Pompton Lakes — Saturday, September 4 at 10:00 am

Sign up here: for more information; meeting places vary. Please contact Katey at [email protected] or 973-818-6713 with any questions! 

  • Glen Ridge — Thursdays at 4:00 pm, Sundays at 1:00 pm

Sign up here for more information; meeting places vary. Please contact Devan at [email protected] or 301-922-9078 with any questions! 

  • Canvassing in Cedar Grove — Sundays at 1:00 pm

We will be meeting in the parking lot of the Robert J. O’Toole Community Center (199 Fairview Ave). Sign up here: Please contact Devan at [email protected] or 301-922-9078 with any questions! 

  • Canvassing in West Orange—Saturdays at 2pm

We will be meeting at the Panera in West Orange (495 Prospect Ave.). Sign up here: Please contact Devan at [email protected] or 301-922-9078 with any questions! 


with NJ Forward 2021 Coordinated Campaign

  • Virtual Phone Banking 

Training occurs at the start of every meeting! Sign up here: Please contact Scott at [email protected] or 856-495-4748 for meeting times. 

BOTTO HOUSE LABOR DAY MARCH — Sunday, September 5, 1:00 PM rally, 1:30 PM step-off.

  • The governor will be marching in this annual parade. Supporters are highly encouraged to take part! Rally at Botto House American Labor Museum, 83 Norwood St, Haledon, followed by marching to Paterson. No registration required — just show up!



Christine Clarke (Senate), Melissa Brown Blaeuer and Pamela Fadden (Assembly)



    Join us to knock doors, share stories, collect helpful information and talk to voters about November 2! Meet at Morris Plains Library, 77 Glenbrook Road, Morris Plains. Click here to join/get more information.

    Bring the littles out with you to enjoy some playtime with new friends, and help us fill in postcards to voters! Jefferson. GPS to 30 Florida Avenue, Lake Hopatcong, NJ 07849. Click here to join/get more information.

    Can't canvass Saturday mornings? Let's get together for a brief evening 'happy hour' at which you can pick up a canvassing packet to complete on your own schedule during the week! Verona Inn, 624 Bloomfield Ave, Verona. Click here to join/get more information. 




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