It's going to happen any day now.
Maybe today.
Maybe tomorrow.

The conservative cadre on the Supreme Court will issue its long-dreaded decision, and Roe v. Wade will be dead. Decades of federally-protected abortion rights will be scuttled, and dozens of states will rush to criminalize abortion providers and people who choose to end their own pregnancies, no matter what their reasons.
Any reproductive freedoms that still exist will be due to STATE governments standing up for our rights.

That's why we need to raise our voices — immediately! State legislators in New Jersey (a shocking number of whom are ambivalent at best about this issue) and even more legislators across the country need to know: if they try to pass anti-choice bills, they will be kicking a hornets' nest!

This is no time to be silent.

This is a time to fight for our rights.

This is a time to fight for our children and grandchildren.

This is a time to fight for the poor and the marginalized.


When? We're not sure. The SCOTUS decision could happen today, Thursday 6/23. Or it could happen on Friday, 6/24. Maybe they'll keep us on tenterhooks until next week, the final week in the 2021-2022 Supreme Court term.

Whichever day they choose to drop their bomb, THAT IS THE DAY WE WILL HIT THE STREETS. Join your NJ 11th for Change compatriots (and allies from many other state and local groups) at 6:00 PM that evening, at Spiotta Park in South Orange. Don't wait for an engraved invitation: just show up.

Bring your friends.
Bring your families.

It is time to issue a stern reminder to our legislators that we are watching, that we will not go quietly, and that we will hold them accountable.

We look forward to seeing you there.





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