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NJ 11th for Change believes that our elected officials should be transparent, responsive and accountable—and support the values of fairness, compassion, inclusivity and a decent quality of life for all the people of New Jersey.

The candidates listed on this form want voters from New Jersey's 11th Congressional District to elect them in November for the following offices:


To scan a quick list of all nominees sorted by county/district/office, visit this link.

NJ 11th for Change is excited to endorse and support those candidates that truly represent our values. Which candidates do YOU believe NJ 11th for Change should endorse? We value your input. Please use your knowledge of the candidates, plus the endorsement questionnaire responses linked below, to inform your endorsement votes.

You may vote for as many candidates in each category as you like.


  • Choose "ABSTAIN" (or do not cast a vote at all) if you are not familiar with any of the candidates in a race or do not have a clear opinion!

  • Please note: Some candidates have decided to be considered for endorsement with their running mates. We will be considering these candidates together and will endorse them (or not) as a group.

Responses are due by end of day on Monday, July 26, 2021.