NJ 11th for Change Endorsement Nominees, 2021



  • Phil Murphy (D)
  • Jack Ciattarelli (R) 


County Commissioner:


Essex County

  • no races this year


Morris County

  • Thomas "T.C." McCourt, Aaron "A.J." Oliver, and Dina Mikulka (D)
  • Deborah Smith, John Krickus, and Stephen H. Shaw (R) 
  • Ederle Vaughan (Working Families Party)


Passaic County

  • Cassandra "Sandi" Lazzara, Assad Akhter, and John Bartlett (D)
  • William E. Marsala, Nicolino Gallo, and Lucy Aileen Rivera (R)


Sussex County

  • Scott Paul and Michael "Mike" Vrabel (D)
  • Christopher Carney and Dawn Fantasia (R)


State Legislature


If you are not sure which Legislative District is yours, visit https://www.nj11thforchange.org/district_elections


Legislative District 21

  • Joseph Signorello III (D - Senate); Elizabeth A. Graner and Anjali Mehrotra (D - Assembly)
  • John M. Bramnick (R - Senate); Michele Matsikoudis and Nancy F. Munoz (R - Assembly)  


Legislative District 24

  • (no Dem Senate candidate); Scott P. Fadden (D - Assembly)
  • Steven V. Oroho (R - Senate); Parker Space and Harold J. Wirths (R - Assembly)


Legislative District 25

  • Jeffrey Grayzel (D - Senate); Lauren Barnett and Patricia L. Veres (D - Assembly)
  • Anthony M. Bucco (R - Senate); Brian Bergen and Aura K. Dunn (R - Assembly) 


Legislative District 26

  • Christine Clarke (D - Senate); Melissa Brown Blaeuer and Pamela Fadden (D - Assembly)
  • Joseph Pennacchio (R - Senate); Jay Webber and Christian Barranco (R - Assembly) 


Legislative District 27

  • Richard J. Codey (D - Senate); Mila M. Jasey and John F. McKeon (D - Assembly)
  • Adam Kraemer (R - Senate); Jonathan Sym and Kevin Ryan (R - Assembly) 


Legislative District 28

  • Ronald L. Rice (D - Senate); Ralph R. Caputo and Cleopatra G. Tucker (D - Assembly)
  • Frank Contella (R - Senate); Monique Headen and Anthony D'Angelo (R - Assembly) 


Legislative District 34

  • Nia H. Gill, Esq. (D - Senate); Thomas P. Giblin and Britnee N. Timberlake (D - Assembly)
  • Scott Pollack (R - Senate); Tafari Anderson and Irene DeVita (R - Assembly) 


Legislative District 35

  • Nellie Pou (D - Senate); Shavonda E. Sumter and Benjie E. Wimberly (D - Assembly)
  • Kenneth Pengitore (R - Senate); Ramzy Yamisha and Iman Majagah (R - Assembly) 


Legislative District 39

  • Ruth Dugan (D - Senate); Melinda Ianuzzi and Karlito Almeda (D - Assembly)
  • Holly Schepisi (R - Senate); Robert Auth and Denise DeFuccio (R - Assembly) 


Legislative District 40

  • Michael Sedon (D - Senate); Genevieve Allard and Nicole McNamara (D - Assembly)
  • Kristin M. Corrado (R - Senate); Christopher P. DePhillips and Kevin J. Rooney (R - Assembly)