Talking points and resources for further reading

The For the People Act:
Talking points and resources you can use
to add greater detail to your letters


Key talking points to include in your letters/postcards
to congressional reps or letters to the editor


  • Americans deserve fair elections. Fair elections are the cornerstone of our democracy.

  • Every aspect of the voting process — from registration to casting a ballot — must be accessible to all voters
  • The more people who vote, the better. Democracy is a participatory system!
  • All levels of government should strive to make voting easier for citizens, not harder. 
  • States should not be able to make voting more difficult for some groups of voters than others.
  • Racial discrimination must not be permitted to play a part in voting rights.
  • Redistricting should be conducted by fair, independent agencies, not by politicians who want to manipulate districts to their own advantage.


  • Elected officials must represent the people of this country — not corporations and wealthy donors.

  • The 2010 Citizens United SCOTUS decision gave corporations and the ultra-wealthy enormous power over our elections — and took power away from voters.
  • Campaigns financed by the ultra-wealthy and corporations (1) encourages corruption, and (2) lets elected officials disregard the needs and values of their constituents.
  • We must use all available legislative avenues to rein in corporate influence, and restore power to actual voters and constituents.


  • Voters should choose their elected officials; elected officials shouldn't get to choose their voters! 

  • Partisan gerrymandering disenfranchises voters. 
  • Redistricting must be a fair, impartial, and transparent process, with clear criteria and independent citizen commissions. 


  • Our democracy depends on the citizens' ability to TRUST the outcome of an election.

  • We must safeguard our elections from interference from outside parties, domestic or foreign.
  • To guarantee secure elections, we must replace paperless voting systems, promote robust audits of election results, and conduct responsible oversight of election-system vendors.


  • Citizens should be able to trust that leaders in all three branches of government care about democracy and will follow basic ethical guidelines.

  • The previous administration’s flaunting of long-standing traditional ethical standards has demonstrated that ethical behaviors must be encoded into law.
  • Tax returns must be disclosed; the Office of Government Ethics must be strengthened; conflict-of-interest rules must be strengthened; the revolving door between elected positions and lobbying must be stopped; and a code of ethics must be implemented for the Supreme Court.


Additional resources you can use for research
and to add greater detail to your letters


  • Resources (scroll down to the section “What does the For the People Act (H.R. 1) do?") — from Declaration for American Democracy