2020 Wilson / Ravitz Endorsement



NJ 11th for Change is proud to endorse Cathy Wilson and Bud Ravitz, who are seeking election to the Morris Township Committee. 

Cathy Wilson is seeking reelection and Bud Ravitz is asking voters to elect him for the first time to the Morris Township Committee, where both are committed to accessibility to constituents and transparency of thinking as they confront the issues facing the township. Wilson says, “Our democracy is strongest when large numbers of citizens show up and speak up on behalf of issues they believe in. Active citizen participation is the single most powerful force in shaping what happens in our country.” She identifies the response to the challenges presented by the COVID pandemic, and balancing health and safety precautions with the needs of economic recovery as being at the top of her list of issues.

Ravitz pledges to consider every decision he makes as a councilmember in terms of its benefit to the township and for its residents. We appreciate his focus on strengthening our democratic institutions. He says, “Democracy isn’t a spectator sport. It requires constant nurturing. We need to be better citizens if we want better government. We need to be engaged in political conversation and for that we need to capture the imagination of young people to instill civics as part or the responsibility of being an adult.”

We are thrilled to support Cathy Wilson and Bud Ravitz as they work their way to victory on November 3!