Webber Whoppers

Jay Webber whoppers

Do you smell something burning? We sure do. And you know what it is?  Jay Webber’s pants. Because they’re on fire!

So what's on the malarkey menu this week for Jay?

Webber Whopper #1:

“My opponent has organized rallies calling for the abolition of ICE, organized rallies calling for open borders.”

The Truth: The New York Times spotlighted Webber’s lying ways in the lead of a story this month about how Republicans are using the “Abolish ICE” movement to smear Democratic candidates. The Star-Ledger editorial board stated its case even more bluntly: “This is Webber's first real moment of stepping out in this race, to fill the 11th district seat of retiring Rodney Frelinghuysen,” the piece said, “and he's flat-out lying.”

Mikie Sherrill, a former Navy pilot and a federal prosecutor, does not support abolishing ICE and does not believe in open borders. Nor did her campaign organize events calling for the abolition of ICE. “Mikie Sherrill will always stand up for our men and women in uniform and our community,” says Essex County Sherriff Armando Fontoura. “When Assemblyman Webber questions her dedication and her service to our country, he lowers himself.”

Webber Whopper #2:

"The average family of four in NJ-11 saves over $6,000 as a result of the recent federal tax reform.”

The Truth: That mysterious number has been batted around since the House Ways and Means Committee floated it out there last December. And no one is quite sure of how those guys came up with that amount. Democrats dismiss the analysis, pointing out that the supposed $6,000 average cut for a family of four doesn't take the SALT deduction cap into account. So who's right? It's telling that all Republican NJ House members (except MacArthur) and both senators voted against the GOP tax bill. And as this InsiderNJ.com piece points out, "It’s hard to see Rodney P. Frelinghuysen voting “no” if the tax bill really was going to bring about $6,000 in benefits to the average family of four in the district." No matter how wonky you want to get, the reality is that under the new tax laws, New Jersey has the greatest portion of residents getting their taxes hiked and one of the lowest shares of residents getting a tax cut, according to a study conducted by the Brookings Institution's Tax Policy Center.

Webber Whopper #3:

"Mikie is going to have to raise taxes to pay for her crazy ideas."

The Truth: What, exactly, are Sherrill's crazy ideas? Supporting universal criminal background screening for all firearm sales, so criminals and dangerously mentally ill people can't buy deadly weapons at gun shows, over the internet, and through classified ads? Passing legislation that provides meaningful tax relief for New Jersey’s middle-class families? Pressuring the federal government to pay its share of the Gateway Tunnel project? Stabilizing the healthcare marketplace and working to keep costs down on prescription drugs to help families keep more money in their pockets? We hate to go back to it again, but Jay Webber is the one who vocally supports a law that downright screwed New Jersey residents on their taxes. Talk about crazy ideas.

Facts matter. Learn more about Mikie Sherrill’s positions on the issues in her own words. See Webber’s voting record for yourself, it speaks volumes. And learn more about where both candidates stand on key issues.