NEWSLETTER — November 4, 2020 — Waiting? Worrying? What You Can Do NOW!

Members. Volunteers. Activists. HEROES.  

People of NJ 11th for Change! 


9,000 letters.

50,000 postcards.

75,000 texts.



Thanks to all of our hard work,

  • we locked in New Jersey’s electoral college votes for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.
  • we re-elected Mikie Sherrill as our congressional representative. 
  • we are seeing very promising results for down-ballot state, county, and municipal candidates. (Final results may take as long as a week to come through, but there is reason to hope for many victories!) 
  • we may have turned Morris County a beautiful shade of BLUE! It looks as if this historical red stronghold voted strong for Biden, Booker, Sherrill, and Malinowski! 
  • in other states, counties and districts, we are seeing success in races our volunteers worked hard to support: notably, re-electing Congressman Andy Kim in CD3, and electing West Orange native Mark Kelly to the Senate in Arizona!!

We have changed the conversation in New Jersey.



Hats off to NJ 11th for Change volunteers!


Now, what about the presidential race?

New Jersey is solid, but other states are still in play.


We know — we’ve always known — that a complete tally is going to take time and patience. There are very encouraging signs (as anticipated) that a full count will turn the tide towards electing Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

There is every reason to hope that MATH + TIME = VICTORY!

Minus autocratic treachery and underhanded shenanigans, of course. As other states process their mail-in ballots, Trump is calling for the count to be over. He is threatening lawsuits that will disenfranchise millions of people. (Again, as anticipated.)

We want to reassure you: We are fully engaged. NJ 11th for Change has joined a coalition that includes well-respected Jersey-wide grassroots groups, powerhouse Labor organizations, and influential progressives. We are closely watching the calls-to-action, guidance, and training being distributed by Protect the Results, a nationwide arm of Indivisible. We are coordinating every day to put out a strong, unified message: COUNT EVERY VOTE. 

We need you to amplify this message in your community and to your friends and family across the country. Be VOCAL and VISIBLE on this issue. Be an ambassador for calm and patience, and for allowing the time necessary to conduct a safe, secure, and thorough count. This is not a partisan message; it is at the heart of our democracy. Every voter who followed their state rules to cast a ballot deserves to have their vote count! 

And if Trump's calls to cut the count short start to get louder? All of the organizations in our coalition agree: 


So far, the election officials in battleground states are proceeding unimpeded with their counts, so national plans for immediate protest today are on hold. But if we need to take to the streets, WE WILL TAKE TO THE STREETS.

Small, local actions in your own town are fine: a rally in front of town hall, a march on Main Street. However, if we need to march, WE WILL NEED A SHOW OF FORCE in major metropolitan areas! Mark your calendar and set your GPS for



WASHINGTON, D.C • and more

Consider this a "Save the Date" notice, in case it becomes necessary.

The power of a large showing has never been more important. We have a specific and very urgent demand, and the louder we are, the better we can communicate that we will NOT take the gutting of democracy lying down. The White House, the federal legislature, the courts, and state governments need to see the power of the people!

The Protect the Results organization’s emphasis is on safety and non-violence, at all venues. The COVID-era union-organized protests in Newark have shown themselves to be very safety-focused, and protesters have, by and large, been respectful of covid-safety guidelines. 

We strongly urge you to sign up with Protect the Results for information and up-to-date event announcements at locations across our area and across the country. And keep close to NJ 11th for Change; we will be sharing events that are nearby, and encouraging members to work together to attend. 

Now is the time.





We strongly urge volunteers to participate in CURE CALL phone banks!

Voters who have had their ballots rejected (for signatures that don't exactly match or other issues) often need help figuring out exactly what they need to do to "cure" their ballot so their vote will count.

When you make a CURE CALL, you are helping a person who made the effort to vote, and really wants their vote to count. They are glad to hear from you; you are helping them. The process is generally pretty simple, so it's easy to make a difference for these voters.

The Georgia Dems urgently need help with this; ballots can only be cured through Friday. Click here to help!

North Carolina is another important state for cure calls. Click here to help!




to NJ 11th for Change!

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