Young Voters 2021

New Jersey is just one of TWO states that have elections in 2021!

And it's a biggie: Governor Phil Murphy, the most progressive governor in the country, is being challenged by an ultra-conservative Republican who wants to roll back women's rights, LGBTQ+ rights, civil rights for minorities, and so much more.


Even if you are going to out of state for college, you can still vote in the NJ election.

Here's how:

(1) Make sure you are registered to vote. Click HERE to check your status online.

(2) You can register to vote online HERE, if you're not already registered. Deadline is OCTOBER 12, 2021.

(3) Request a mail-in ballot HEREYour request must be received by mail (not email or fax) by your county clerk on or before October 26. Mail it early, DON'T FORGET TO PUT A STAMP ON IT, and allow plenty of time for your request to get there. Your ballot will be sent directly to you. You can mark your vote and send it back, no postage required.

  • FAQ: I voted by mail before. Won't they automatically send me a ballot this time? It depends! Go to Scroll to “track my ballot” & sign in/create login. Click “Check Mail-In Ballot History.” Unless the ballot-request type says “all future elections,” you are NOT signed up to get a mail-in ballot automatically. But if it DOES say “all future elections,” then you should get a mail-in ballot — as long as they have your current mailing address. 

(4) If you want to vote by mail, make sure they have your most up-to-date mailing address! If you have voted by mail before but have changed your mailing address since the last time you voted, you will need to let the county clerk know your new correct mailing address. Are you in a new apartment or in a new dorm? Make sure to update your address, so your mail-in ballot reaches you. This must be done by OCTOBER 26 so we recommend contacting your county clerk right away (or early October at the latest) to allow time for processing.

  • FAQ: How do I know what mailing address they have on file? How do I update it, if needed? You will need to call your county clerk. They can tell you what mailing address they have on file for your mail-in ballot and will tell you how to correct it if needed. Do this early, so there is plenty of time for them to process the change and get your ballot to you — so you can vote! Here are the phone numbers:

    • Essex County Clerk — (973) 621-4921
    • Morris County Clerk — (973) 285-6120
    • Passaic County Clerk — (973) 225-3690
    • Sussex County Clerk — (973) 579-0900


More Voting Questions? Call 1-877-NJ-VOTER (1-877-658-6837) or click HERE