Ballot Box or Mailbox? How to Vote By Mail

Vote By Mail Application detail - NJ

The midterm elections on November 6 are too important to sit out.  The person we elect to Congress will have enormous impact on our district, and on the effectiveness of checks and balances from Congress.

Vote By Mail is the easiest way to be a VOTER this year. And ANYONE can do it – whether you’ll be in town or out of town on Election Day.

How to do it:

  1. Go to the State of New Jersey's Vote By Mail page now, find the county where you’re registered to vote, and download and print the Application for Vote By Mail Ballot. (They’re available in English or Spanish, and some counties have other languages, too!)

  2. Fill out the Application. Where it says “Mail my ballot to the following address,” put the address where you’ll receive mail in October — because that’s when you will receive your actual ballot.

  3. Fold and mail the completed Application to your county clerk. Make sure to use the county-specific address on the form; though it’s designed to be a self-mailer, you may want to put it in an envelope to ensure safe delivery.

  4. When you receive your ballot in October, fill it out, mail it in immediately, and you’ll be done. Simple!

100px-Instagram_logo_2016.pngPS: Show the world you’re a voter!

Post a photo to Instagram when you mail your Vote by Mail Ballot Application, and later when you mail your actual ballot, with the hashtags #nj11voter and #nj11thforchange.