Tracking Your Ballot

Many voters wonder:

How do I know if my ballot was received?


You can track your ballot online to make sure it was received, using the NJ state vote-tracker.To do so,



You will need to know your Voter ID number, which is located on the inner "confirmation envelope" that comes with your ballot, near where your address is printed. Be sure to make note of that number before returning your ballot. (If you returned your ballot without noting your Voter ID number, call your County Clerk's office. They can track your ballot or tell you your Voter ID number.)

You may also register to use the NJ state vote-tracker by using your SSN or driver’s license, but we have found that using your Voter ID number is easier. 

Here are two examples of what a tracking status update could look like:


The ballot status will be updated to "received" when your ballot is scanned in at the Board of Elections office. If the scanner doesn't properly scan your barcode, it may not show up as "received" in the system, but it is still kept and prepared to be counted.

You may also contact your county’s Board of Elections to find out if your ballot has been received. However, the state’s online system should be your first choice for tracking your ballot, rather than calling your County Clerk or Board of Elections (both of which will be under a lot of stress during the hectic weeks pre- and post-election).

Please allow a week after submitting your ballot to inquire.


The ballot status for ALL ballots will not be changed to "accepted" until November 20.