Statement On Justice Kennedy's Retirement

NJ 11th for Change: Statement on the Retirement of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy

June 27, 2018 -- NJ 11th for Change joined the collective gasp across the country today over what  Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement might mean for our democracy for decades to come. Like Americans everywhere, we count on the courts, including the highest in the land, to uphold the rule of law and protect our rights. While there has been no shortage of troubling decisions issued by the current Court, today’s political landscape provides much reason to worry about what lies ahead and whether those fundamental tenets will be given due consideration when Kennedy’s replacement is chosen.

News like this only serves to motivate us and makes us work harder to get people to vote. We must elect members of Congress who will earnestly and responsively represent their constituents, serve as the proper check and balance demanded of the legislative branch, and work to promote equality, compassion, inclusivity and a decent quality of life. In NJ's 11th congressional district, we believe the right person for that job is Mikie Sherrill.