2020 Sherrill Endorsement

NJ 11th for Change is proud to endorse Mikie Sherrill, incumbent Democratic Representative in New Jersey’s 11th Congressional District. 

When our organization first supported Sherrill for election in 2018, we sought a representative who would be actively engaged with her constituents and willing to participate in ongoing conversations about the issues of the day. We are very pleased with how she has met this expectation during her first term in office! 

Sherrill’s policy leanings are farther right than some constituents’, farther left than others’, but that has not stopped her from meeting with the people of CD11. She holds frequent question-and-answer Town Hall meetings across our district, is receptive to residents’ concerns, and speaks openly and straightforwardly about her positions even when she knows there are listeners who disagree. She has been responsive to grassroots organizations and individual citizens who wish to press her on issues, and clearly cares about keeping lines of communication open.

In Washington, D.C., Sherrill has quickly earned respect. Her moderate, detail-oriented approach allows her to communicate persuasively with Americans who might typically be reluctant to embrace Democratic positions; and her judicious, deliberate manner means that when she takes a stand, it has national impact beyond what is typical for a first-term representative. She steadfastly defends our democracy, insisting that our government respect the framework of laws that guard and define it.

We are thrilled to support Mikie Sherrill and her campaign as they work their way to victory on November 3!