Power Of Us Fundraiser Sponsorships


NJ 11th for Change
​The Power of Us Cocktail Party Fundraiser

7:00–9:00 pm, Monday, February 3, 2020 Richfield Regency, Verona, NJ

Since its inception in 2016, NJ 11th for Change has been making real changein New Jersey. Now, we arelooking forward to 2020. We remain committed to fostering an engaged and informed community. We are determinedto shape our political representation so that it is transparent, responsive and accountable at all levels of government, from town councils to county freeholders, from the statehouse to the halls of Congress—and, in 2020, the White House.

To achieve our goals, we need your support.

Why support NJ 11th for Change?

  • In 2017,we mobilized people throughout the 11th district, taking to the streets and ultimately forcing our district’s 23-year incumbent congressman Rodney Frelinghuysento retire.
  • In 2018,we tirelessly knocked doors, phone-banked, wrote postcards, sent out Vote-by-Mail forms and vote-chased, making over 120,000points of contact with voters and contributing to the 34% vote swing (the largest in the nation!) that brought Mikie Sherrill to office.
  • In 2017, 2018, and 2019,NJ 11th for Change members ran for office and led campaigns. We joined with like-minded organizations from across our state to create a coalition that has been recognized as a powerful grassroots force for CHANGE.

Our eager town teams areready to turn out the vote here in the 11th and in other key districts in NJ. We will provide support across the nationwhere our experience, knowledge and passion can help. Carefully targeted calls and postcards? Yes!Voter registration, voter education, vote by mail and vote chasing? Absolutely!Tabling at farmers markets, festivals and other local events? Wouldn’t miss it.And of course, so much canvassing.

We have the experience, the positioning, and (most importantly) the enthusiastic volunteers.

Now we need funding. The more money we raise, the more voters we can reach!

What will your donation get us?

  • VAN voter databases so we can use our proven experience to target likely voters withtexts, postcards, and door knocks.
  • Mailers, canvassing flyers, and hand-outs.
  • Access to text-banking systems with proven voter-turnout success rates.
  • Buses to vulnerable NJ districts and to swing states like Pennsylvania.

We have plans for 2020. We need YOU to help us make them reality. Please consider making a donation at the following levels:

  • Ringleader
    When then-Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen called Saily Avelenda a “Ringleader,” he had no idea what he was starting. You, too, can be a Ringleader by sponsoring us at our highest level; you will be giving the power to the “Power of Us.” ($10,000; Front or Back Cover)

  • Changemaker
    Our most committed volunteers are known as Changemakers. It’s a term of honor, reserved for those who really make a difference. ($5,000 Inside Front, Back Cover, or Centerfold)

  • Ally
    In today’s political climate, allies are needed more than ever. We count on our allies to fuel us in our work every day! ($1,000 Full Page Ad; $500 Half Page Ad; $250 Quarter Page Ad)

  • Supporter
    Support us at any level, and join our list of donors in the Gala program. Can’t make the Gala? Sponsor a ticket! (Sponsorship levels start at $100)

Contact Judy Kelly (j[email protected]) or Mara Novak ([email protected])for more information about sponsorship.

To make your sponsorship donation, click here.



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