2020 Parmigiani Endorsement


NJ 11th for Change is proud to endorse Cara Parmigiani, who is running for Morris Plains Borough Council. 

The first LGBTQ+ candidate ever to run for Morris Plains Borough Council, Parmigiani believes that the LGBTQ+ agenda is dedicated to true equality, regardless of nationality, gender, race, or religious beliefs. “As a representative of LGBTQ+, I believe I can advocate for the entire community and break down barriers to engagement,” she says. Parmigiani is an attorney and third generation small business owner who considers herself pro-development but not when projects “go against the interests of the community.” As part of a group of concerned citizens, she helped develop a 10-year vision for Morris Plains’ Master Plan, which includes recommendations for traffic, small businesses, green space, transportation and environmental issues. “I am running for Borough Council because, by using my skills and ability, I can help Morris Plains remain the place where people come to work, live, and access local businesses.”

We are thrilled to support Cara Parmigiani and her campaign as they work their way to victory on November 3!