Oct 2 2021 Womens March Montclair


NJ 11th for Change has been invited specifically to march with Mikie.
All allies welcome — friends, family, partners, neighbors,
kids, high schoolers, college students and more!
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Red states across the country — no, it's not just Texas — are pressing their anti-choice agendas. SCOTUS is just looking for an excuse to scuttle Roe v. Wade. Even here in NJ, lawmakers are stalling the passage of Governor Murphy's landmark Reproductive Freedom Act.

We must speak up!

This Saturday, October 2, a network of Women's Marches in support of reproductive rights are scheduled across the United States. In North Jersey, the official march site is in Montclair, at the municipal building (corner of Forest Street and Claremont Avenue). NJ 11th for Change is one of the sponsors of the march, and we'd love to see you there!

Tammy Murphy, Rep. Mikie Sherrill, and more.


NJ 11th for Change will be marching as a group, as invited guests of Mikie Sherrill. We will gather with Mikie in the parking lot behind the municipal building (205 Claremont Ave) at 9:30am, move as a group to the front of the building at 9:45 (don't be late!!) and enjoy the event speakers, who will start at 10:00 am. The more people we have, the stronger our impact! Please bring friends and family, and any allies you can find. Kids and teens welcome: the damage that state legislatures and the Supreme Court do to reproductive rights NOW is going to affect them, their friends, and their futures! Their voices matter. They deserve the chance to be heard.

Sign up here so we can email and text you with any last-minute announcements, along with parking suggestions. Otherwise, you can just look for the NJ 11th for Change signs and the Mikie banner when you get there!

Make a creative sign, or carry one of ours (limited supplies); wear comfy shoes, and be ready to use your OUTSIDE voice! Bring a tambourine, you ask? Sure, why not! This is sure to be a motivating, empowering morning for all of us. TOGETHER, WE RISE!