STATEMENT: NJ 11th for Change Applauds End of Redistricting Proposal

Statement for immediate release: 12/17/18

NJ 11th for Change Applauds End To Partisan Redistricting Proposal: ‘Business As Usual In Trenton Is Done’

Montclair, NJ -- NJ 11th for Change joins local and national groups in hailing Saturday’s decision to take a radical redistricting proposal off the table, effectively killing an ill-advised plan that would have opened the door to extreme gerrymandering across New Jersey.

The decision to refrain from putting these measures to a vote is a powerful vindication of a unique and intensive effort by a broad range of concerned citizens in our state. Across New Jersey, citizens transcended partisanship to fight for fairness and equity in drawing our electoral maps. NJ 11th for Change is proud to stand with a coalition of 130 groups statewide, including the League of Women Voters, New Jersey Working Families Alliance, BlueWaveNJ, and many others, in ensuring that state Senate President Steve Sweeney and Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin got the message loud and clear.

The unified opposition to this proposal reflects a strong consensus for a district-drawing process that centers the voices of ALL voters over strong-arm tactics and partisan politics.

NJ11th for Change Executive Director Saily Avelenda said the outcome sends a strong message that state legislators will continue to be held accountable, and NJ 11th for Change will continue working to ensure that constituents’ voices are heard.

“Business as usual in Trenton is done.  We are here to remind our legislators that they are elected to represent us in Trenton -- not to protect their positions or grant themselves more power,” Avelenda said.  “NJ 11th for Change will continue to advocate for transparency, accountability, and responsiveness at all levels of government, and we will fight against any legislation that threatens those principles and threatens the ideals of good government.”

About NJ 11th for Change

NJ 11th for Change is a 501(c)(4) unaffiliated organization dedicated to advocating for all people of New Jersey’s 11th Congressional district. We foster an engaged and informed community with the power to shape our political representation so that it is transparent, responsive and accountable -- and so that it reflects the values of fairness, compassion, inclusivity and a decent quality of life. Follow us at or or on Twitter at @nj11forchange.