NJ 11 Over Party

NJ 11th For Change is a community action organization, unaffiliated with any party, that seeks to improve the lives of all district residents. Formed in the wake of the 2016 election in response to a lack of accountability and transparency from Representative Rodney Frelinghuysen, we are a constituent-led organization, and we believe every resident deserves a voice in this district.

Rep. Frelinghuysen claims to hold moderate views that reflect his constituency, yet his voting record tells a different story. Since the 115th Congress reconvened, he has voted nearly 100% in line with President Trump’s agenda, despite Trump’s incredibly narrow margin of victory of just over 3,000 votes. His actions are more aligned with the far right wing of his party and corporate donors than with the voters of his district.  

Since November 2016, thousands of people have called, written, and walked into our Congressman’s office seeking answers to serious questions -- yet we are repeatedly ignored.  We have held Town Hall meetings to address important issues affecting our lives, but despite repeated invitations there has been no sign of our Congressman. Instead he holds curated “tele-town halls” where he is insulated from challenging viewpoints. Rep. Frelinghuysen has chosen not to engage with thousands of his constituents in a meaningful dialogue. He cannot effectively represent us if he is unwilling to listen to us.

We, the people of the 11th district, must hold Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen accountable for every word and every vote. When his actions do not promote our well-being, when he sacrifices our district’s values in favor of blind party loyalty, when his votes do not match his words or his stated positions, we must hold him accountable.

Members of Congress have an obligation to engage with constituents. Our Representative should follow words with actions, make decisions based on objective facts and data, and answer to constituents, not party leaders. There should be no gap between his record and his rhetoric.

We live in the most politically divided period in American history, which has led to a breakdown of trust in government and in our fellow citizens, and has obstructed social and economic progress. Unlike our Representative, we refuse to place party over the lives of our friends, family, and neighbors. It would serve Rep. Frelinghuysen well to remember that he too is a resident of New Jersey’s 11th district, and he works for the people of this district, not the politicians in Washington.

We need strong leadership that is responsive, accountable, transparent, and reflective of the constituency of the 11th Congressional District.