Newsletter 9/22 - CANVASSING Day of Action SATURDAY!

How Many Days Until
Election Day 2021
(November 2)?
41 Days

After a long, hot summer, fresh crisp fall days are energizing.

And after a long, dull year of pandemic lockdown and watch-’n’-wait politics, TAKING ACTION is energizing, too! 

Are you ready? Ready to canvass, ready to rally, ready to march?

As we shake off the sluggish lethargy of summer, let’s also shake off our political exhaustion, and take charge. Change in D.C. isn’t happening with the speed or clarity we’d all hoped for, but there are important positive changes that are happening here at home, in New Jersey. Under Governor Phil Murphy, despite the challenges of COVID-19, NJ is:

  • investing in education from preschool to college;
  • raising the minimum wage for workers;
  • protecting women’s rights;
  • meeting our pension obligations for seniors and workers;
  • supporting voting rights, women’s rights, civil rights, immigrant rights, and LGBTQ+ rights;
  • making concrete progress towards a clean-energy economy;
  • upgrading New Jersey’s credit rating after years of Christie-era downgrades.

It’s up to US — NJ activists — to make sure these positive changes continue! 

BUT (and it’s a big but)for a blue state, we sure have a sorry record when it comes to supporting our Dem administrations. In almost forty-five years, no Democratic governor has been elected for a second term in New Jersey. NOT ONCE

Are you ready for it to happen again? 

Are you ready to trade in Phil Murphy — arguably the most progressive governor in the country — for his GOP challenger, anti-mask, anti-vax, anti-diversity, anti-choice, anti-LGBTQ Jack Ciattarelli, who urges voters at his rallies to make Murphy “one and done in ’21”?

Far-right wing voters are all riled up this year. They. Will. Vote. Meanwhile, liberal and progressive voters all over the state seem half asleep, and many aren’t even aware that there’s an important Garden State election this year. If WE don’t shake voters who share our values out of their complacency — if we’re not ready to do the work of canvassing, phone banking, text banking, and postcarding — then what we’d better get ready for is “Governor Ciattarelli.”

Jack C., promising that LGBTQ+ kids won't find info they need in public school curricula.

Jack C., asserting that kids don't get COVID — as pediatric ICUs fill up across the South. Listen to Jack say "kids aren't vulnerable" to COVID-19 here.

We know everyone is worn out. But there’s so much to look forward to, and so much great work we can do! It’s time to re-energize ourselves — and our communities. Eighteen months of Zoom meetings is enough to suck the fun out of anything, but we remember how much fun it is to pound the pavement, knock doors, and talk to like-minded voters. How much fun it is to see them realize how much we care, and how much their votes matter. How much fun it is to get out in the fresh air, partner up with friends, and explore new neighborhoods. How much fun it is to CANVASS!

Which brings us to ...

This Saturday, September 25, is a Phil Murphy DAY OF ACTION, and it’s going to be a wild ride! All over NJ, volunteers will be canvassing — both for the governor and for local Dem candidates. 

NJ 11th for Change is proud to be hosting two canvassing launches, and we hope you’ll be there! 

  • At 10 a.m., in West Orange, we’ll launch our first canvassing shift! The Murphy campaign will provide training, walk lists, and material to distribute to voters … and Representative Mikie Sherrill will be there to provide inspiration! Sign up here!

  • At 1:00 p.m., in Morris Plains, we’ll be launching our second round of canvassing! We love nudging Morris County closer and closer to BLUE, and know that spirits will be high on Saturday afternoon! Murphy’s team will be there with all we need to do the job right! Sign up here!

At both events, NJ 11th for Change leaders will be there with lots of swag, lots of coffee, lots of purple donuts … and lots and lots and LOTS of ENERGY! We really hope to see your smiling face. 

Sign up here for either launch! It’s been too long seeing you in teeny tiny Zoom frames. We miss you all. 

And we miss donuts.



Need something to do from home? We’ve got postcard lists ready to go this month, targeted with surgical precision to reach exactly the voters we need to motivate! Will you help? We’ve also got a trio of super-cute postcards you can use; all you need to do is write them, stamp them, and pop ‘em in the mail! If you’re ready to take a batch of addresses and a nice short script to write, please email [email protected] ASAP!


A beautiful autumn morning, a great cause, powerful speakers, and marching safely with like-minded good-hearted allies — sounds like heaven, doesn’t it? 

All allies welcome in this nationwide program of marches supporting reproductive rights!

Two official marches are scheduled for NJ: Montclair will host the North Jersey March, with kick-off at 10:00 am. The NJ 11th for Change banner will be flying high there, and speakers are likely to include Governor Murphy, Mikie Sherrill, and other leaders from our communities and from the grassroots. More details to come in the next week, including where and when the NJ 11 crew will be meeting up.

Sign up for the March's Facebook page (if you’re into that kind of thing) to stay on top of new developments. It’s bound to be a moving, powerful experience! 

We'd love to march with you again! 



Events &
Volunteer Opportunities


with NJ 11th for Change

  • TEXT BANKING CD11 VOTERS — On your own schedule, with group Zoom hangouts (dates to be announced).
    We have to make sure that our target voters are ready to vote in NJ’s crucial off-year election: that they're registered, that they know how to use vote-by-mail ballots, that they understand the early voting period, and more! Turnout is the key to victory! To join the texting team, email [email protected].


with NJ 11th for Change

  • We've got addresses and a nice short script to write, and really sharp-looking postcards for you to use! Please email [email protected] ASAP!



SATURDAY, OCTOBER 2, 10:00 AM — 205 Claremont Ave, Montclair
Part of a national day of marches supporting women's reproductive rights. NJ 11th for Change is an official co-host of the North Jersey march. We anticipate the guest list will include Governor Murphy, Mikie Sherrill, and other leaders. More details to come in the next week, including where and when the NJ 11 crew will be meeting up. 



Phil Murphy (Governor)

(times vary based on location)

Please join NJ Forward 2021 to knock on doors and get out the vote for Governor Murphy, Lt. Governor Oliver, and Democrats up and down the ballot! There are shifts all across the state which you can find and sign up for here!

In the 11th Congressional District specifically, we will be launching at the following times and locations:

  • 10:00 AM at 10 Cobane Terrace, West Orange, featuring Congresswoman Mikie Sherrill. Co-hosted by NJ 11th for Change — we'll have swag and donuts for you!
  • 10:00 AM, 1:00 PM, and 4:00 PM at 668 McBride Ave, Woodland Park.
  • 10:00 AM, 1:00 PM, and 4:00 PM at 51 Gibraltar Drive #1F, Morris Plains. The 1:00 PM launch is co-hosted by NJ 11th for Change — we'll have swag and donuts for you! 


Join the campaign in phone banking on Thrutalk, which requires a computer and phone. We will be talking to voters across the state about returning their vote by mail ballots, a critical part of turnout! A training takes place at the beginning of each event!

Sign up here:

  • Tuesday: 5:00 PM
  • Thursday: 5:00 PM
  • Saturday: 1:30 PM
  • Sunday: 12:30 PM, 5:00 PM


with NJ Forward 2021 Coordinated Campaign

  • East Morris County — multiple times available 

Sign up here: for more information; meeting places vary. Please contact Max at [email protected] or 908-419-5675 with any questions! 

  • Denville and Boonton — Wednesdays and Thursdays at 4:00 pm 

Sign up here: for more information; meeting places vary. Please contact Devan at [email protected] or 301-922-9078 with any questions! 

  • Woodland Park — Wednesdays at 4:00 pm 

Sign up here: for more information; meeting places vary. Please contact Katey at [email protected] or 973-818-6713 with any questions! 

  • Glen Ridge — Thursdays at 4:00 pm, Sundays at 1:00 pm

Sign up here for more information; meeting places vary. Please contact Deb at [email protected] with any questions! 

  • Cedar Grove — Sundays at 1:00 pm

We will be meeting in the parking lot of the Robert J. O’Toole Community Center (199 Fairview Ave). Sign up here: Please contact Deb at [email protected] with any questions! 

  • West Orange—Saturdays at 2pm

We will be meeting at the Panera in West Orange (495 Prospect Ave.). Sign up here: Please contact Brian at [email protected] or
973-710-2504 with any questions! 



with NJ Forward 2021 Coordinated Campaign

  • Virtual Phone Banking 

Training occurs at the start of every meeting! Sign up here: Please contact Scott at [email protected] or 856-495-4748 for meeting times. 


Jeff Grayzel (Senate)
Lauren Barnett and Patricia Veres (Assembly)


This slate of candidates is canvassing each weekend in different municipalities throughout the district. Can't canvass on weekends? Pick up a canvassing packet to complete on your own schedule during the week!

Questions?? Text Margaret at (973) 216-3186 or [email protected]

  • SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 2:00 PM — Boonton, Mountain Lakes & Denville
    Canvassing. Sign up by clicking here!

  • SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, 12:30 PM — Washington Township Weekend of Action
    Canvassing with Congressman Tom Malinowski. Sign up by clicking here. 

  • SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, 1:30 PM — Roxbury Weekend of Action
    Canvassing with Congressman Tom Malinowski! Sign up by clicking here


Christine Clarke (Senate),
Melissa Brown Blaeuer and Pamela Fadden (Assembly)



    Join us to knock doors, share stories, collect helpful information and talk to voters about November 2! Meet at Morris Plains Library, 77 Glenbrook Road, Morris Plains. Click here to join/get more information.

    Bring the littles out with you to enjoy some playtime with new friends, and help us fill in postcards to voters! Jefferson. GPS to 30 Florida Avenue, Lake Hopatcong, NJ 07849. Click here to join/get more information.

    Can't canvass Saturday mornings? Let's get together for a brief evening 'happy hour' at which you can pick up a canvassing packet to complete on your own schedule during the week! Verona Inn, 624 Bloomfield Ave, Verona. Click here to join/get more information. 




Donate Monthly

Donate Once

Your contributions make our work possible! In 2020, donations allowed us to make almost 160,000 voter contacts in New Jersey's 11th congressional district; our efforts were a big part of making 11 towns flip from Trump in 2016 to Biden in 2020, including some historically deep-red municipalities. Even Morris County turned blue!

Your generous donation goes towards our data analysis and voter-file access, text banking expenses, support for our events, printing, and much more. It allows us to continue our work building a government that is transparent, responsive and accountable. Please visit our "DONATE" link and pledge any amount. Every contribution helps as we charge ahead into 2021 and beyond!



NJ 11th for Change is a 501(c)(4) unaffiliated organization dedicated to advocating for all people of New Jersey’s 11th Congressional District. We foster an engaged and informed community with the power to shape our political representation so that it is transparent, responsive and accountable—and so that it reflects the values of fairness, compassion, inclusivity and a decent quality of life.