NEWSLETTER: Our First 2022 Endorsement — GUESS WHO?!?

NJ 11th for Change
is ready to issue our first endorsement
of the 2022 Election Cycle!


Our first priority is — and always will be — New Jersey’s 11th Congressional District. In the spirit of fairness and genuine curiosity, we sent our in-depth endorsement questionnaire to both our incumbent congressional representative and the challenger in our CD-11 home district. 

The incumbent, Dem Mikie Sherrill (perhaps you’ve heard of her?) gave thoughtful, detailed answers to our questions about the future of democracy, reproductive rights, the economy, gun safety, education, immigration, and more.

Her GOP opponent, some guy from Montville, couldn’t be bothered to respond to our questionnaire, so we can’t be bothered to remember his name.  

In addition to ignoring our questionnaire, Mikie’s opponent has been declining to do mainstream press interviews and refused to participate in debates during the GOP primary. What’s he hiding? Perhaps … his extremist positions?

No doubt you’ll be as unsurprised as we were that Rep. Sherrill carried the day with our endorsement voters! And so we are pleased to announce …

We are currently reviewing endorsement options for several other congressional races that matter to our members. Keep an eye out for additional announcements in coming weeks!


On Wednesday, the NJ 11th for Change leadership team visited the Sherrill campaign headquarters to present our endorsement. Mikie couldn’t join us — hard at work down in D.C., of course — but we’ll share her personal response with everyone soon. Instead we met with campaign manager Jackie Burns, political director Scott Altieri, and DCCC organizing director Jesse Sutherland, who were glad to smile and say ‘cheese’!

(L to R): NJ11FC Co-Executive Director Mara Novak, NJ11FC Research Director Patricia Doherty, Jackie Burns, Scott Altieri, Jesse Sutherland, and NJ11FC Field Director Stacey Abenstein.


When you come out to canvass this summer and fall, you’re sure to see Jackie, Scott and Jesse. Take a moment to say hi and introduce yourself. They’re an energetic, hands-on team, brimming with positive energy and committed to building friendly relationships with grassroots activists like YOU!


Now that our endorsement is official, NJ 11th for Change can start working pedal-to-the-metal to promote Rep. Sherrill’s re-election campaign! We have a clear plan to help promote Mikie — in towns where she is already known and loved, and in towns newly districted into the 11th where voters are going to need our help to learn just how lucky they are.

Not sure where the new CD-11 borders are? Here’s our handy guide!)

Sharing what we know about Mikie Sherrill with voters in these seven new CD-11 towns — and in the lucky Montclair neighborhoods that were scooped up into the 11th — will be crucial this election season.

We’re jumping right in with some writing campaigns: a locally-focused campaign to send vote-by-mail request forms to targeted groups of voters, and a national-level Working America letter campaign. (Postcarders, give it a whirl! It’s actually quicker and easier to prep these mailings than it is to write a postcard, and it’s a very, very effective way to reach voters!) Check out the Events & Volunteer Opportunities section of this newsletter for more details, and for information about how to get involved!

We’re also coordinating a big Campaign Kick-Off party in mid-August, once Mikie is back in New Jersey and available to join us as a special guest. We’ll share the exact time and place as soon as her team confirms the date. Expect good friends, good food, good fun, and LOTS of inspiration! (And good photo opps. Who doesn’t love a good photo opp?)


In upcoming weeks and months, look for the following events: 

  • In-depth training parties for canvassers. We wouldn’t send you out to knock doors without some serious guidance! An NJ 11th for Change training party is a great refresher for experienced canvassers, and a perfect introduction for rookies. Learn the basics, get set up with the MiniVAN app, and practice your new skills in breakout role-play sessions. You’ll learn from some serious masters of the art! PRO TIP: Bring a friend who has never tried canvassing before, so they can learn what gratifying and effective work it is … and so you have a buddy to take with you as you complete your next canvassing turf! BONUS: Prizes for people who bring new volunteers!!

  • Canvass launch parties connecting our members to Sherrill-campaign canvasses where you can be the most effective. Is coffee and then canvassing your jam? Canvassing and then cocktails? Coffee, then canvassing, then cocktails? We don’t judge.

  • Vote-chasing gatherings.Mail ballots go out to voters 45 days before Election Day; that means September! Once voters start receiving their VBMs, we’ll be swinging into action, calling and texting Mikie-voters who haven’t returned their mail-in ballots yet. NO BALLOTS LEFT BEHIND! 


This newsletter will also be sharing “TEAM MIKIE” calls-to-action from Rep. Sherrill’s campaign. You’ll find a full roster of events to sign up for each week in the newsletter’s Events & Volunteer Opportunities section. Speaking of which … 




  • CD-11 Vote-By-Mail Letter Campaign: Turnout will be EVERYTHING in the 2022 midterms … and nothing increases turnout like voters getting a ballot delivered right to their door! Not all NJ voters know they have to actively request a mail-in ballot. That’s where YOU can help!

    We’ll provide the official VBM request forms and a list of names and addresses; you provide postage, post-its, and envelopes. Write a quick personal note on the post-it encouraging the recipient to vote by mail, stick it to the request form, stuff it in the envelope, and send it off! We have a tight list of voters who need this little push to significantly increase their turnout rates. Let’s make it easy for them to do the right thing!

    Interested in helping? Join the team by emailing NJ 11 Field Director Stacey Abenstein and putting “VBM CAMPAIGN” in the subject line. (Can't write but want to donate stamps or stamp-money? Email Stacey!)



  • Working America Letter-Writing Campaign: NJ 11th for Change has been participating in this national letter campaign for several years, with terrific success! Working America (the activism branch of AFL-CIO) is a data-driven organization with its finger on the pulse of their constituents, and they have a meticulously field-tested, proven strategy for swinging votes in tight races.

    How does it work? We will send you a document with the text of a carefully crafted letter, focused on a core issue that (research shows!) turns red voters blue: healthcare in America. Type a few additional personal sentences into the document, print it out, sign it by hand, and mail it off with a handwritten address. Print and sign till you’ve completed your list! (You’ll need to provide stationery and stamps.) Our experienced volunteers say that it’s quicker and easier than writing postcards … and the Working America vote-swing rate is the envy of grassroots groups from coast to coast!

    Interested in helping? Get on the list by emailing NJ 11’s Working America expert, Jim Price, and putting “WORKING AMERICA” in the subject line. (Can't write but want to donate stamps or stamp-money? Email Jim!)


  • Operation Diggin’ Up the Dirt: Mikie’s opponent, Paul DeGroot, is a hard-right Trumper. He is also keeping very quiet in the public sphere about his positions; suspiciously quiet, one might say. It’s time to make sure voters know what he really stands for! Have you got top-notch research skills? Do you know where the bodies are buried, or simply like to dig in the dirt? If so, we want to hear from you!

    To get involved, contact NJ 11 Research Director Patricia Doherty, and put “DEGROOT RESEARCH” in the subject line.




The 2022 midterms electionsare crucial to the survival of democracy.


We look forward to seeing you out in the field.



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