2020 Durkin Endorsement


NJ 11th for Change is proud to endorse Chris Durkin, running for Essex County Clerk.

During his fifteen years in office, Durkin has been committed to encouraging voter turnout, issuing accurate and timely election information in many public forums. His proactive efforts to increase voter participation have included clear, accurate Q&A documents, demonstration videos, active participation in public forums, and interviews with civic organizations. His attention to detail and exhaustive knowledge of voting policies have distinguished him among NJ’s clerks. During the July 2020 primary election, he drew strong praise for his competence and professionalism, meeting standards that clerks in other counties struggled to meet. 

Under Durkin’s leadership, the Clerk’s office has made itself accessible and welcoming to the diverse population of Essex County. He has hired staffers fluent in multiple languages, facilitated interactions with residents who have disabilities, and incorporated a supervisor representing the LGBTQ+ community in his leadership team. Durkin has also invited community groups to participate in voting procedure decisions, such as the selection of voting machines. 

We are thrilled to support Chris Durkin as he works his way to victory on November 3!