2020 Duarte Endorsement


NJ 11th for Change is proud to endorse Amalia Duarte, who is seeking reelection to the Mendham Township Committee.

Transparency and accountability were the linchpin of Duarteโ€™s first campaign in 2017. She followed through while in office, holding monthly meetings at Town Hall, issuing a newsletter before each township committee meeting, and making her cell and home phone numbers readily available to constituents. As the only elected Democrat in a Republican town, Duarte championed a Welcoming Proclamation that was passed in 2019 and a Pride Proclamation that passed in 2020. Looking ahead, Duarte says the top two issues facing her community and our nation center on keeping people safe during COVID and helping us rebound and rebuild after the crisis is over. Third, she says, the election of Trump is a โ€œsymptom of divisions that we need to address from local up to a Federal level. Our country is at an inflection point, and I hope we will move forward to embrace all Americans and remain true to the bold democratic experiment.โ€

We are thrilled to support Amalia Duarte as she works her way to reelection on November 3!