2020 Draeger Endorsement


NJ 11th for Change is proud to endorse Darcy Draeger, who is running in a special election for General Assembly in LD 25.Β 

Draeger is a full-time farmer and former Wall Street analyst whose actionable priorities for the 25th legislative district are public health/healthcare, economic recovery, and improved social services. Recognizing that some of her constituents will not always agree with her on how these issues should be addressed, she says, β€œThis is such an important aspect of holding public office, and requires active outreach (e.g., not just town halls, but also offering to visit Republican committees, clubs, and events; setting up one-on-one calls and meetings, etc.) and a willingness to be uncomfortable and listen respectfully to people who disagree with you.

We are thrilled to support Darcy Draeger and her campaign as they work their way to victory on November 3!