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Dear Supporters,

Pandemic election rules in 2020 included lots of (sometimes confusing) innovations: universal mail-in ballots! brand-new secure drop boxes! in-person polling place closures!

But now it's 2021 and vaccination rates are increasing at a steady clip ...

... so this year's elections will be back to normal ... right?

Not necessarily!

Across the state, some election protocols will revert to pre-COVID standards; other aspects will continue with COVID safety-oriented policies; and some entirely new approaches will be implemented just to keep us all on our toes. NOT TO MENTION that there are some protocols that vary from county to county!

Are you confident that you know exactly what you'll need to do to vote in the June primary election, or the November general election?

Do you know the answers to these key questions:

  • Will I receive a mail-in ballot automatically?
  • What's going on with drop boxes this time?
  • Will my usual polling place be open?
  • Has my county purchased some strange new kind of voting machine?

That's a lot to figure out. Further complicating matters, our district — Congressional District 11 — includes towns in four different counties, each of which has its own set of charming election quirks. 

Fortunately, NJ 11th for Change has gathered just the right panel of experts to help!

NJ 11th for Change is pleased to announce its latest Defending Democracy panel discussion: "Election Rules 101 for 2021," a Zoom event scheduled for Wednesday, May 12, 2021 at 7:00pm. Please join us for this clear, concise, straight-from-the-horses'-mouths update of ALL you need to know to make sure your vote counts!

REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED, and space is limited! Reserve your spot here to get the Zoom link!

Control of the state of NJ — from the governor's office to the Trenton legislature to your municipal government — is at stake.

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