Frelinghuysen must address the racist hatred in Charlotteville

To Representative Frelinghuysen:

We are disappointed with your silence following the disgraceful events in Charlottesville, VA. President Trump's response has been inadequate at best leaving Americans everywhere feeling frightened and uncertain. This includes your constituents here in New Jersey's 11th congressional district. In times like these we look to you to represent our values by using your voice to condemn hatred and protect the safety of all citizens.  This is a matter of morality not politics --members of your party have already spoken out, including Speaker Ryan and Majority Leader McConnell.  We ask that you clearly and unambiguously condemn white supremacy and all bigoted hatred.  We ask that you condemn the domestic terrorists who took over the streets of Charlottesville this weekend.  We must stand with and for each other in peace and acceptance.

-NJ 11th for Change

UPDATE 8/14/17:

Monday afternoon, 2 days after the riots, more than a full day after this statement and hours after his office opened to constituents asking for him to speak out against Racism and White Supremacists, Representative Frelinghuysen issued a 2 sentence written statement about the events in Charlottesville and posted it on his website

"The hatred and violence by White Supremacists in Charlottesville must be condemned. Such views and actions have no place in America."

Update 8/15/17:

Sometime Tuesday evening, after Trump once again gave cover to neo-nazi white supremacists in a press conference, Frelinghuysen added a sentence and an exclamation point to his original statement and tweeted it out.  The new statement now reads in its entirety:

"The hatred and violence by white supremacists in Charlottesville must be condemned. There is no comparison between those on the side of bigotry and hate, and those who manned the barriers to protest them!  The views and actions of white supremacists have no place in America."