Changemakers: The Newsletter Writers


Editor's Note: NJ 11th for Change wouldn't be what it is without the hard work done by our fantastic volunteers. We've started saluting Changemakers on our Facebook page, highlighting specific efforts that fuel our particular engine of democracy.

This week's Changemaker ... The Newsletter Writers!

Don’t you love how every Tuesday, among all the junk and Gap coupons and family dramas, something really worth reading arrives in your inbox? That's right: the NJ 11th for Change newsletter!

These bits of eloquent prose are chock-full of information: what’s up in the organization; what’s up in the news that we’re focusing on; how to take action to make change happen; where to find those super useful Talking Points, and -- of course -- the thorough list of Town Team events happening each week that form the engine of our beautiful community. These communiqués make us learn, make us act, make us laugh, and sometimes even make us cry. They elicit positive feedback on a regular basis from people who are tickled by the smart, entertaining, informative writing that keeps them in the know.

It’s not easy putting these together week after week – choosing the topic, writing/reviewing/editing, gathering all the Town Team events. But our newsletter heroes pull it off again and again with good cheer and good grammar.

So here's to you, Leslie Bockol, Peg Rosen and Lynn Perlmutter!

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