(Not) Fun Facts About Webber


With 47 days to go till Election Day, here’s a totally-not-fun collection of reasons to steer clear of the GOP nominee for NJ-11, courtesy of our political director Elizabeth Juviler. For more specifics, check out his record at VoteSmart.org. 

Some of Jay Webber’s not-so-greatest hits in the state Assembly:


AGAINST fair Economy for Women and working families

  • Voted AGAINST Equal Pay for Equal Work, one of 2 votes against pay equity and workplace discrimination.
  • Voted against expanding wind and solar facilities in NJ
  • Voted against increasing Earned Income Tax Credit for working families in NJ
  • Voted against mortgage counselors and mediators during the mortgage crisis even though NJ had the HIGHEST foreclosure rate in the country
  • Voted against paid family leave for people with new or ailing family members


AGAINST gun safety (and FOR his 1000% NRA rating)

  • Voted against universal background checks
  • Voted against forcing domestic abusers to sell or turn over their guns
  • Voted against handgun purchase limits in a 30 day period
  • Voted against reducing magazine capacity
  • Voted against prohibiting sale of realistic toy guns, and
  • After Parkland FAILED to vote on a bill allowing removal of guns from an individual deemed to be a danger to themselves or others


AGAINST Clean and Renewable Energy

  • Voted against expanding jobs in the Green energy sector in NJ
  • Voted against tax credits for homeowners installing solar panels
  • Voted against incentives for power companies to use more clean energy
  • Voted against expanding wind and solar facilities in NJ


AGAINST free and fair elections and AGAINST constituent participation

  • Voted against early in-person voting
  • Voted against mail-in ballots
  • Voted against on-line and automatic registration
  • Blocks constituents from asking questions on his social media campaign platforms


AGAINST individual choice in healthcare

  • Voted against increase in healthcare options for vets with PTSD against medical use of marijuana
  • Voted against funding Planned Parenthood in NJ precipitating a 27% increase in STD infections around the state
  • Staunchly against women’s autonomy in reproduction, working his entire adult life against choice


Silent on separation of families

  • Abstained on Condemnation of separation of families at the border


FOR homophobic measures such as

  • Allowing electric shock and other fraudulent “therapies” for gay teenagers 
  • Co Sponsoring legislation against Marriage Equality 
  • Voting against pay equity discrimination in the workplace


Oh, and finally:

  • He voted against drivers giving bicyclists leeway on the roads. (Why?)
  • He also voted AGAINST allowing adopted adults to gain access to their family health records


As Democratic candidate Alison Heslin said at a primary-season forum:

"Who DOES that?"

Not someone we’re looking for in a congressional representative, that’s for sure.