100 Wins


ONE HUNDRED important accomplishments that wouldn’t have happened without the hard work we all did to get the Biden/Harris ticket elected and secure at least a nominal majority in Congress! Of course there's still work to be done — and we're doing all we can to make sure we get the chance to DO IT! — but let's take a moment to celebrate our victories over the past 18 months.

These one hundred wins are just a random sampling, and a major accomplishment given that President Biden inherited a country infected with COVID and laden with $8 trillion more in debt than when his predecessor started.



1. Signed the first major piece of Gun Safety Legislation in 30 years, which: 

  • Includes incentives for states to pass red flag laws, allowing groups to petition courts to remove weapons from people deemed a threat to themselves or others
  • Expands an existing law that prevents people convicted of domestic abuse from owning a gun to include dating partners rather than just spouses and former spouses— closing the “boyfriend loophole”
  • Expands background checks on people between the ages of 18 and 21 seeking to buy a gun

2. Banned ghost guns

3. First annual gun trafficking report in 20 years

4. New zero tolerance policy for gun dealers who willfully violate the law


5. Permanently removed restriction on access to abortion pills by mail

6. Rescinded Mexico City Policy (global gag rule) which barred international non-profits from receiving US funding if they provided abortion counseling or referrals

7. Sued TX over abortion law

8. Coordinated the implementation of Federal efforts to protect reproductive rights and access to health care:

  • Safeguarding access to reproductive health care services, including abortion and contraception
  • Protecting the privacy of patients and their access to accurate information
  • Promoting the safety and security of patients, providers, and clinics
  • Directing HHS to Protect Access to Medication for Abortion, contraception and Ensure Emergency Medical Care, Launch Outreach and Public Education Efforts, ensure that all HHS-funded providers and clinics have appropriate training and resources to handle family planning needs
  • Announcing nearly $3 million in new funding to bolster training and technical assistance for the nationwide network of Title X family planning providers
  • Directing HHS to issue expanded and more specific advisory information in relation to HIPAA (HHS has issued several advisory memos reminding healthcare providers and pharmacists that they MUST under federal law provide emergency/lifesaving care and drugs which trumps state laws)
  • Directing DOD to protect access to reproductive healthcare services for service members, DoD civilians, and military families


9. Cut the federal deficit by $320 billion (2021).

10. Reduced unemployment to 3.9% (under Donald Trump, unemployment was 6.3%)

11. 8.7m jobs have been created already.

12. Reduced jobless claims to the lowest level since 1969.

13. $1.2T infrastructure law, including $550B in new funding for such things as roads and bridges, passenger and freight rail, public transit, grid expansion, clean energy transmission, environmental remediation, electric charging stations, lead pipe removal, affordable broadband, and more. 

14. 1.9T American Rescue Plan

15. $1400 stimulus checks for adults, children, and adult dependents

16. One-year child tax credit expansion - $3600 0-5, $3000 6-17, removed income reqs and made fully refundable

17. $350 billion state and local aid

18. $130 billion for schools for safe reopening

19. Negotiated deal for West Coast Ports to run 24/7 to ease supply chain

20. $8.7B in funding to increase lending to minority communities

21. Ordered the minimum wage for federal employees and contractors to be raised to $15 an hour


22. Two-year ACA tax credit expansion and ending of subsidy cliff – expanded coverage to millions and cut costs for millions more

23. 100% COBRA subsidy through Sept 30th, 2021

24. Extended ACA enrollment options

25. Eliminated regulation that allows states to privatize their exchanges

26. Eliminated all Medicaid work requirements

27. Medicaid drug rebate change to discourage excessive price increases and save government $23.5B

28. Created incentives for states to expand Medicaid

29. Finalized the rule that bans surprise medical bills for out of network medical services


30. Confirmed the first Black woman Supreme Court Justice.

31. Sixty-five lifetime federal judges confirmed – the most in forty years

32. Named first openly LBGTQ woman to sit on an appeals court, first Muslim American federal judge, and record number of black women and public defenders-80 percent of the new federal judges are women and 53 percent are people of color.


33. Rejoined the Paris Climate Accords

34. 50% emission reduction goal (2005 levels) by 2030

35. EO instructing all federal agencies to implement climate change prevention measures:

  • Ordered 100% carbon free electricity federal procurement by 2030
  • 100% zero emission light vehicle procurement by 2027, all vehicles by 2035
  • Net Zero federal building portfolio by 2045, 50% reduction by 2032
  • Net Zero federal procurement no later than 2050
  • Net zero emissions from federal operations by 2050, 65% reduction by 2030

36. Revoked Keystone XL permit

37. Partnered with the EU to create the Global Methane Pledge, which over 100 countries have signed, to reduce methane emissions by 30% by 2030 from 2020 levels

38. Ended US funding for new coal and fossil fuel projects overseas, and prioritized funding towards clean energy projects

39. Made largest ever offshore wind lease sale in NY and NJ

40. Solar plan to reduce cost of solar by more than 50% by 2030 including $128M in funding to lower costs and improve performance of solar technology

41. Reversed size cuts and restored protections to Bears Ears, Grand Staircase-Escalante, and Northeast Canyons and Seamounts Marine National Monuments

42. Approved $28.6B in supplemental disaster relief for natural disasters


43. Extended public health emergency through at least April 15, 2022

44. Rejoined the WHO

45. Reinvigorated pandemic response, including:

  • $50B in funding for FEMA for COVID Disaster Relief and vaccine funding
  • Set 100% FEMA reimbursement to states for COVID costs, retroactively to start of pandemic
  • Military medical teams deployed to help overburdened hospitals
  • 6000 troops deployed for initial vaccination
  • Over 500 million vaccine shots administered in a year
  • Established 90,000 free vaccination sites
  • Over 20,000 free federal testing sites
  • 8 at home tests per month required to be reimbursed by insurance
  • 1B at home tests available for free by mail

46. Implemented test requirement for international travel


47. Ended the ban on trans soldiers in the military

48. Prohibited discrimination against LGBTQ patients in healthcare, in housing, and in the financial system to access loans or credit

49. Justice Department declared that Title IX prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in education.

50. Revoked ban on Federal Diversity Training

51. Instructed the VA to review its policies to remove barriers to care for trans veterans

52. First Senate-confirmed LGBTQ Cabinet Secretary

53. First trans person confirmed by the Senate

54. Extended birthright citizenship to children of same sex couples born abroad

55. State Department allows X gender marker on passport for non-binary Americans

56. Banned new contracts with private prisons for criminal prisons

57. Banned chokeholds and limited no-knock raids among federal law enforcement

58. Initiative to ban modern day redlining

59. Doubled DOJ Civil Rights Division staff

60. Sued GA over prison abuse.

61. Signed law making Juneteenth a federal holiday

62. Signed COVID-19 Hate Crime Act, which made more resources available to support the reporting of hate crimes

63. Instituted a moratorium on the federal death penalty


64. Sued TX and GA over voting laws

65. Signed EO to use the federal government to improve voting access through federal programs and departments


66. Signed EO for diversity in the federal workplace

67. Increased federal employment opportunities for previously incarcerated persons

68. Thirty-year bailout of multi-employer pension funds that protects millions of pensions through 2051.

69. Pro-labor majority appointed to NLRB

70. Established task force to promote unionization

71. Restored collective bargaining right for federal employees


72. Extended 15% SNAP benefit increase through Sept 30, 2021 and made 12 million previously ineligible beneficiaries eligible for the increase

73. Largest permanent increase in SNAP benefit history, raising permanent benefits by 27% ($20B per year)

74. Made school lunches free through for all through the 2021-2022 school year

75. WIC recipients can use benefits online

76. Student loan freeze through April 30th, 2022

77. Forgiven $11.5B in student loans for disabled students, students who were defrauded, and PSLF 

78. Instituted Operation Fly Formula- By July 24th, Operation Fly Formula will have transported more than 61 million 8-ounce bottle equivalents to the U.S.

79. Largest ever summer food program in 2021 provided 34 million students with $375 for meals over the summer.

80. Student loan debt forgiveness is tax free through 2025


81. Restarted the FHA-HFA risk sharing program to finance affordable housing development

82. Raised Fannie/Freddie’s Low-Income Housing Tax Credit from $1B to $1.7B a year to invest in affordable housing

83. $383M CMF grant program for affordable housing production


84. United the world’s nations in support of Ukraine, rallying NATO countries and beyond to form a strong and long lasting coalition to support Ukraine financially, with humanitarian aid, with weapons, and taking in refugees

85. Rallied NATO members to support adding Finland and Sweden — helped facilitate the trilateral agreement signed on June 28 by Turkey, Sweden, and Finland which clears the way to the first major expanse of NATO since the early 2000’s

86. Provided Ukraine with $5.6B in U.S. aid with an additional $40B that has been approved to be distributed over the long term

87. Banned imports of Russian oil and other energy products in support of Ukraine

88. Ended the war in Afghanistan; for the first time in 20 years, the US is not involved in a war

89. Ended support for Saudi offensive operations in Yemen

90. Airstrikes down 54% in 2021 from 2020

91. Issued policy restricting drone strikes outside of warzones


92. Secured an agreement from Mexico to provide roughly $1.5 billion toward a host of new construction projects along the U.S.-Mexico border to strengthen the U.S.’s ability to screen and process migrants.

93. Ended border wall emergency and canceled all new border wall construction and contracts

94. Repealed Trump’s Muslim Ban

95. Set FY 2022 refugee cap to 125,000, the highest in almost thirty years

96. Prohibited ICE from conducting workplace raids

97. Lifted moratorium on green cards and immigrant visas, and loosened the criteria to qualify for asylum

98. Changed ICE enforcement priorities

99. $1B+ in public aid and private investment for addressing the root causes of migration



100. Figured out how to sweet talk (or strong arm) Joe Manchin into agreeing to pass SOMETHING, perhaps just by giving him naming rights! Take a look HERE to see what is IN the newly-redubbed Inflation Reduction Act of 2022.



Accomplishments drawn over time from https://twitter.com/BidensWork and other sources.
Thanks to Kellie Wade Davidson for the leads!