OH NO! Republicans on the Rise in CD11!

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How Many Days Until Early
In-Person Voting Begins
(Oct 29–Nov 6):

How Many Days Until
Election Day (Nov 8):




(Clues and answer in the "Events & Volunteer Opportunities" section below! Can you guess before the big reveal?)


So, here you are, thinking, “Oh, that Mikie. She’s so relatable, she’s so smart, she’s pretty darn crackerjack. She’s got this all wrapped up, really. I can sit back and watch the rest of Netflix this week, read my Heather Cox Richardson and watch my Rachel Maddow, shake my head and call it a day. Mikie’s a shoo-in.”

And then you watch the League of Women Voters debate from Tuesday night, and you realize exactly what’s at stake, and how much we stand to lose, and how many angry under-the-radar MAGA voters there are — in our electoral districts, in the fancier town next door, in our very own neighborhoods — who are incredibly motivated to get out there and vote … against Mikie. 

A recording of the entire debate can be viewed here.


Now, we won’t say it wasn’t fun to go to a real live Congressional debate. Those of us who signed up for tickets before they ran out were excited and enthused and ready for a feel-good evening!

But that LWV debate was a real eye-opener. There were a LOT of people in the audience cheering on DeGroot — and DeGroot’s mouthpiece, a faux-candidate faux-Libertarian MAGA police captain named Joe Biasco — as they took turns taking potshots at Mikie. 

These people jeered noisily at Mikie’s reference to January 6 as an insurrection, and they cheered Biasco on with post-debate back-slaps after his culture-war closing remarks, packed with bigotry, and wrapping up like this:

“Together we will mark this November: It’s the beginning of the end, for this woke mob, Antifa, the Bidens, and the globalists. We are the silent majority, but we will not go silently into the night — and we will take our country back.”


Click here to hear those closing remarks from the guy himself
... if you can stand it.


Biasco, “the outsider candidate” with only $600 in his campaign coffers, a mouthpiece for DeGroot? Yes, a mouthpiece. That “libertarian” clown — we’ll say clown, instead of what we really want to call him — was just saying loudly and bluntly what DeGroot has been saying, more subtly, all along. Make no mistake: DeGroot and Biasco have the same positions and policies: anti-woman, anti-choice, anti-LGBTQ, anti-POC, pro–demonizing Black and immigrant children (children!), pro-Big Oil, anti-environment, anti-economic security for working class people. 

DeGroot denies these labels, but just take a look at his policies. If the shoe fits, wear it! 


Paul DeGroot thinks that just saying he’s pro-choice is all it takes.
That’s not how it works, Paul.


Together, DeGroot and Fiasco Biasco blamed Mikie and the Biden administration for every problem our country inherited from four years of Trump and two years of COVID, not to mention a global economic crisis.

So what are we going to do about it?

If we let our sleepy Dem voters sit this one out — if we don’t knock their doors to nag them about returning vote-by-mail ballots, and about early voting, and about Election Day — we’re going to be crying into our pumpkin spice lattes on Election Night, completely shell-shocked, having lost an election we have no excuse to lose.


Do you really want to have to listen to Fox pundits gloating
about “liberal tears” again, like they did after Hillary’s defeat?
Us either. The best way to avoid that is to WIN!



WE are the activists who canvassed far and wide in 2018; the politically engaged people who are paying attention to what right-wing candidates are really saying. If we are lulled into taking Mikie's victory for granted, how complacent and unmotivated do you think your casual Dem neighbors are? The answer is "pretty damned complacent! pretty damned unmotivated!" 


We need to canvass them to remind them so. If YOU are not canvassing, who exactly do you think is? We need you to come knock doors so we don't get knocked on our asses by a highly motivated, completely not-complacent right-wing voter base that's lurking right under our noses here in CD11. 


These folks are not complacent. Are you?


Mikie’s 2022 campaign manager, Jackie Burns, was part of the campaign team we all knew and loved in 2018. She knows exactly how much potential power we have when we get out into the field. She knows how effectively we can motivate our neighbors to vote, if we only make the effort. Here’s what she had to say after Tuesday night’s debate:

We’ve got 12 days left on the board and it’s all hands on deck in NJ-11. I saw firsthand in 2018 the power of NJ 11th for Change. We need your help again — knocking doors to talk to voters who are new to the district, who might not normally turn out in a midterm election, or who need a little extra nudge. Help Mikie land this! Sign up for a shift today!”

Jackie Burns with T.C. McCourt and Mara Novak
at the LWV debate on Tuesday


So here is our challenge to you:


Just one.


There are 12 days between now and Election Day.

That’s 2 weekends. Lots of weekdays.

Pick 1 morning, or 1 afternoon.


During a typical canvassing shift, 1 volunteer can knock on 50 doors.

Convince a friend to give it a try, and that’s 100 doors!

A well-attended canvass launch? 1000 doors, easy!

Pretty soon we’re talking real numbers!

And all we ask is for each of you to take one shift.

There are no end of opportunities to canvass. There are turfs in towns all over CD11 — in Morris County, Essex County, and Passaic County. There are Saturday canvasses, Sunday canvasses, morning and afternoon canvasses — and we have it on good authority that the campaign will set you up with a list to canvass on your own schedule if that’s what it takes.

Tell them NJ 11th for Change sent you!


Calling all volunteers! We're having a volunteers-only
gathering on November 5 to celebrate your hard work!!


Canvassing is the number-one most effective way to get people to the polls. Will you help? 

Just scroll down to our Events & Volunteer Opportunities listings below — or visit our “Vol Opps” webpage — for a curated list of times and places where YOUR time and enthusiasm is desperately needed. (AND for the Big Reveal about who is joining Mikie at the Saturday canvass in Bloomfield!)

If you’re not sure what choice would be best for you, email us here with “CANVASSING ADVICE” in the subject line, and we’ll help you navigate your choices. 


Democracy takes work.

There are only 12 days
left to get it done.

Let's GO!


NOTE: Our new Volunteer Opportunities webpage will always be updated with the current week’s roster of actions you can take to support our endorsed candidates: Mikie Sherrill (CD11), Tom Malinowski (CD7) and Andy Kim (CD3). Please bookmark it, and check it regularly! 



  • This Saturday: NJ 11th for Change's first text bank! We're chasing people who haven't returned their vote-by-mail ballots yet. Our automated system lets you send quick, easy, informational texts that GET THE JOB DONE! Email us here for more information.

  • Bloomfield Early Voting Canvass
    • Saturday, October 29 at 11:45 am

Keep scrolling for the next clue — and the Big Reveal!



(Click the links for details, and to register)

Time for G.O.T.V. everyone!

Less than two weeks to remind our voters that WE NEED MIKIE IN DC advocating for real changes that help New Jersey! Find an event near you and come help us out!




Have you guessed yet? Keep scrolling!

The Sherrill campaign is also hosting virtual phonebanks every day and knocking doors every weekend until the election to remind voters to get out and vote.

Want a Mikie Sherrill lawn sign? Request one here!
Installing it in your yard is a snap!




(Click the links for details, and to register)



Click this link to find more opportunities to volunteer for Tom Malinowski!



(Click the links for details, and to register)



Click this link to find more opportunities to volunteer for Andy Kim!




Today is the big day! Get your postcards in the mail, everyone! Thanks to ALL of our volunteers for your hard work.
Email us here with "POSTCARDING" in the subject line if you have any wrap-up questions. We'l be celebrating your accomplishment — and the major milestone you've all met! — in next week's newsletter, once all those cards are in the mail.

And hey, postcarders!! Please mark your calendars for Saturday, November 5, when we'll be hosting a happy hour to cheer for all of our wonderful 2022 volunteers!


NJ 11th for Change
Vote-Chasing by Text Banking


In the final weeks and days of election season, use your phone and computer to reach CD11 voters who are sitting on their ballots! It's fast and fun and very, very effective. No ballot left behind!

Our first day of going live with digital lists of voters to text is THIS SATURDAY, October 28. More dates to come. When we release a list, it tends to go FAST, because texts are just so quick to do, and volunteers whiz through them. So don't snooze!

If you are interested helping, email us with "VOTE CHASING" in the subject line and we'll get you all set to start — either this weekend or in days to come.



And finally, THE BIG REVEAL!!

Please come out to Team Mikie's Bloomfield Early Voting Canvass on Saturday, October 29 at 11:45 am! Mikie will be there with her highly esteemed colleague, Congressman Ted Lieu of California. Rep. Lieu was born in Taipei, Taiwan, and he and Mikie share the bond of military service: Lieu is an Air Force Reserve Command colonel! Come meet Mikie and her good friend Congressman Lieu, and then join us for an afternoon of crucial midterm canvassing. Time is running out to make a difference! Register here to get the launch address.





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Your generous donation goes towards our data analysis and voter-file access, text banking expenses, support for our events, printing, and much more. It allows us to continue our work building a government that is transparent, responsive and accountable. Please visit our "DONATE" link and pledge any amount. Every contribution helps as we charge ahead into 2021 and beyond!


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