Our Mission

NJ 11th For Change is a grassroots, unaffiliated coalition dedicated to advocating for all citizens of the 11th Congressional District. We promote political transparency by monitoring the positions and voting record of our congressional representative, by fostering productive citizen-to-congress communication, and by demanding public accountability.

The philosophy of NJ 11th For Change is rooted in the belief that decency and fairness is the public's right, and we are committed to advancing common-sense policies that are in the best interests of all.


Executive Director
Saily Avelenda 

Field Director
Judy Kelly
Media Director 
Laurie Beacham 
Political Director 
Elizabeth Juviler 

Board of Directors 
Saily Avelenda (ex-officio)
Ashley Barnes
Jonathan Bellack
Debra Caplan
John Hartinger
Marion Jacobson

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