Tip Of The Week: Clean Air? Webber? Don't Hold Your Breath


The American Lung Association says air pollution in New Jersey is so bad that it could be harmful for people with breathing conditions. An estimated 735,000 NJ residents have asthma. Developing renewable sources of energy not only supports a healthier environment, but also creates clean energy jobs.

Earlier this year, legislation passed that should make NJ a leader in this field. Despite bipartisan support, Jay Webber voted “nay.”

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Tip Of The Week: Webber's NO on Equal Pay


New Jersey leads the nation with tough legislation that requires equal pay for women. Recently, our legislators overwhelmingly passed a law that protects women and minorities from workplace discrimination, making it illegal to offer them lower pay and fewer benefits without justification. 

Most would call this a no-brainer, but not Jay Webber. He was one of only two Assembly members who voted against equal pay for equal work.

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Tip Of The Week: Sherrill Commits To Common-Sense Gun Laws


That sinking feeling: another deadly shooting in our country. Followed by the predictable reaction from legislators: hand-wringing, thoughts and prayers, return to business as usual.

There were almost 500 firearm deaths in New Jersey in 2016, despite our relatively strong gun laws - laws which residents in our district support.

Mikie Sherrill stood shoulder to shoulder with courageous young neighbors in our district at the Morristown March for Our Lives rally. She is firmly committed to a federal assault weapons ban and other common-sense measures and has vowed to work tirelessly “to save lives and help find responsible solutions to America’s gun violence crisis.”  

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Tip Of The Week: Sherrill Stands Firm On Women's Right To Choose


A large majority in our district support a woman’s access to abortion. Yet members of Congress have been orchestrating an “all-out assault on women’s healthcare, working to restrict access to reproductive freedom,” says Mikie Sherrill.  

Jay Webber, Sherrill’s opponent, was endorsed by New Jersey Right To Life PAC and wants to deny women their rights. Mikie Sherrill, mother of four, says, “The federal government should have no say on when, how, or with whom women decide to start or grow a family.”

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(Not) Fun Facts About Webber


With 47 days to go till Election Day, here’s a totally-not-fun collection of reasons to steer clear of the GOP nominee for NJ-11, courtesy of our political director Elizabeth Juviler. For more specifics, check out his record at VoteSmart.org. 

Some of Jay Webber’s not-so-greatest hits in the state Assembly:


AGAINST fair Economy for Women and working families

  • Voted AGAINST Equal Pay for Equal Work, one of 2 votes against pay equity and workplace discrimination.
  • Voted against expanding wind and solar facilities in NJ
  • Voted against increasing Earned Income Tax Credit for working families in NJ
  • Voted against mortgage counselors and mediators during the mortgage crisis even though NJ had the HIGHEST foreclosure rate in the country
  • Voted against paid family leave for people with new or ailing family members
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Tip Of The Week: Mikie Sherrill And Equal Pay


55 years after the Equal Pay Act was signed into law, the gender pay gap is alive and well, especially for women of color. Black women earn $.63 for every dollar earned by their white male counterparts; Native American women $.57; Latina women $.54; and white and Asian women $.79 and $.87, respectively.

Responding to her opponent’s vote against equal pay for equal work, Mikie Sherrill said, “In 2018 it is hard to believe that any legislator would vote against ensuring women get equal pay for equal work...I am deeply disappointed that... Webber chose to vote...against legislation that would give the women of New Jersey a well-deserved raise.”

Sherrill has distinguished herself in traditionally male-dominated fields, as a navy fighter pilot and federal prosecutor.

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Tip Of The Week: Webber's Hard-Line Hits On Health


NJ FamilyCare — our state’s publicly funded health insurance program — provides low-cost health coverage for eligible children so they can get routine check-ups, immunizations and dental treatment to keep them healthy. More than 800,000 New Jersey children are currently served by this program. No thanks to Jay Webber. He voted against the FamilyCare Expansion bill that set the stage for guaranteeing better health care for these vulnerable youngsters. Webber also supports repealing the Affordable Care Act.

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Tip of the Week: Sherrill on Protecting Health Care


The current Administration and U.S. Congress have been pounding away at the Affordable Care Act, reversing substantial progress made toward quality and affordable healthcare for all. Our district cares deeply about healthcare—including opposing cuts to Medicaid and supporting Planned Parenthood. Mikie Sherrill says we need to “stabilize the healthcare marketplace,” “protect the hard-won gains in our healthcare system...includ[ing] protections for pre-existing conditions and the ten essential health benefits,” “allow Medicare to leverage its buying power to negotiate lower drug prices” and “find a fiscally responsible way to allow certain individuals older than 55 the option of buying into Medicare.”

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Tip of the Week: Webber vs. Renewable Energy


Electricity production is the #1 source of greenhouse gases, accounting for more than driving and flying combined.  A bipartisan team of former New Jersey governors warned environmental protections are fundamental to our health and well-being. New Jersey legislators have passed laws to protect us against unregulated pollutants that increase health risks. But not Jay Webber. He voted against a bill to improve and expand the state’s renewable energy sources. Fortunately, the bill passed anyway with bipartisan approval. 

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Tip of the Week: Mikie Sherrill on Climate Change


New Jersey stands out in protection of its diverse natural resources – from the beaches of Atlantic County to the mountains of Sussex County. With climate change upon us, these resources are increasingly vulnerable. Congress is determined to roll back bipartisan progress on environmental and energy issues, so this issue is more critical than ever. Mikie Sherrill knows that “[c]limate change is real and...shouldn’t be a partisan issue.”

“With 130 miles of coastline, New Jersey will pay a terrible price if we don’t take meaningful action to end our reliance on foreign fuels and transition to a clean energy economy,” says Sherrill.

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